Letters to the Editor

CMS didn’t have to close. Plenty of other places for shelters

CMS shouldn’t have closed its schools

In response to “CMS schools are closed on a lovely day” (Sept. 14):

Tom Bush
Tom Bush

Huh? They closed the schools?

Don’t try to tell me they closed CMS to provide “hurricane shelters.” That is why God made the Spectrum Center, Convention Center, large churches, and movie theaters.

And they wouldn’t be needed if Duke Energy would bury power lines like most other cities the size of Charlotte.

How does that song go? “Clowns to the left of me, jokers to the right, Here I am, stuck in the middle with you.”

Tom Bush, Charlotte

Obama held back for a painfully long time

In response to “Democrats talk about Trump breaking norms; so is Obama” (Sept. 13 Opinion):

Pat Loepsinger
Pat Loepsinger

Is columnist Marc Thiessen kidding? There has been no greater example of self-serving demagoguery in our lifetime than President Trump, yet Obama has restrained himself for a painfully long time.

President Bush did not attack President Obama because, like his politics or not, Obama performed with dignity, compassion and truthfulness.

Presidents Bush and Obama earned each other’s great respect. Trump has yet to earn the respect of most Americans or, sadly, our allies.

Pat Loepsinger, Huntersville

I see Trump as a Moses-like figure

It is ironic that liberals are not liberal. Being liberal implies an open mind, free speech, free enterprise.

Moses led the Jews out of slavery. Trump led the US out of economic doldrums and an appeasing foreign policy.

This election will reveal if democracy is reborn or is dead.

Ed Mesko, Charlotte

Trump’s death toll tweets irresponsible

In response to “Trump falsely says Democrats inflated Puerto Rico death toll” (Sept. 13):

Pat McCoy
Pat McCoy

In recent tweets President Trump showed no concern, nor took any responsibility, for the tragedy in Puerto Rico.

It’s his lack of compassion or accountability that caused many of us to cheer when President Obama decided that it would be irresponsible to sit idly by while Trump tweets and lies his way through his presidency.

Let’s hope the response to Hurricane Florence damage is more humane and competent.

Pat McCoy, Charlotte

No link between Flo and global warming

Keith Brittain
Keith Brittain

Even ardent “climate scientists” admit that they haven’t established causality between rising carbon dioxide rates and stronger storms.

Furthermore, the most deadly hurricane to hit the Carolinas, Hazel, virtually leveled Myrtle Beach in 1954 – well before Al Gore and billionaire Tom Steyer began selling the “existential threat” of “climate change.”

Keith T. Brittain, Pineville

Stop denying reality on climate change

I am old enough to remember when something that was not true was a lie. I am opposed to lies.

Perhaps these tiny lies are the seed of something larger – climate change denial for example.

With Florence having battered our coast, and two more hurricanes waiting out at sea, can you hear me now?

Sherry Williams, Charlotte

Disenfranchised voters should fuss

“Why all the fuss about photo ID” (Sept. 13 Forum)? Good question with a simple answer.

Buying marriage licenses, pseudoephedrine drugs, flying on a plane, – even having a valid photo ID – are privileges, whereas voting is a constitutional right guaranteed by the 15th Amendment.

When a state government tries to prevent certain segments of the population from voting by manipulating the state issued photo IDs, disenfranchised citizens tend to “fuss” about it, as should every American.

When our leaders in Raleigh decide to pass a law, or present a bill, that allows every eligible voter the right to vote, the controversy will cease.

Les Burns, Waxhaw

Elect someone who’ll stop cell use on roads

I would revel in seeing a politician stand up and try to get an honest movement against cellphone usage while driving today.

I can’t believe the traffic I pass while driving where the driver is blatantly talking on a phone while trying to operate a vehicle.

Let’s put someone into office in North Carolina who is running solely on a platform of stopping this madness.

Ron Feuer, Charlotte