Letters to the Editor

Panthers owner should set an example for our youth and his team

Panthers should be symbols for kids

In response to “David Tepper: It’s ‘dead wrong’ to accuse protesting NFL players of being unpatriotic” (Sept. 14):

In his short tenure as owner of the Carolina Panthers, David Tepper and several Panthers players have done a lot for the community, especially for children. However, I can’t disagree more with Mr. Tepper’s statement, “People should focus on what NFL players do in the community instead of what they do during the national anthem”!

What kind of example does that set for our youth? Hopefully in spite of the current lack of civility all around us, the Panthers will continue to rise above it all by respecting the American flag and our national anthem. It’s hard to imagine that their fan base will not proudly support them for their efforts on and off the field.

Brenda McMain, Hickory

New movie is disrespectful

The first moon landing was a human achievement as well as an American achievement. American leaders promoted the trip and were supported by taxpayers and the landing happened only because of American efforts. At the time, though, some feared planting the flag would appear nationalistic.

Today, are we being encouraged not to show our national pride, fearing we might offend the rest of the world? Omitting planting of the flag in the upcoming movie “First Man” seems to be the same mentality as presenting trophies to each participant in a childhood sport or activity. Heaven forbid anyone should take pride in individual accomplishment. The U.S.A. has taken many steps for mankind through out history and I will still proudly fly the flag.

Tom Ferguson, Little Switzerland, NC

New voter laws would burden many

In response to “Why all the fuss about photo ID?” (Sept. 13 Forum):

The innocent-sounding argument in Judson Stringfellow’s letter reminds me of a classic MasterCard TV commercial:

Regulation of drug purchases? FDA. Regulation of public airport safety? FAA. Regulation of voters? Priceless!

I believe the writer has civilized regulations confused with civil rights, and I for one am tired of hearing how new voter regulations wouldn’t burden anyone and are for my own good. A review of the 15th, 19th, 24th, and 26th Amendments would really be priceless.

Sue Logerwell, Charlotte

Thank you Queen City airport

On behalf of thousands of grateful passengers I’d like to thank the Charlotte airport and all its employees for remaining open and functioning during Hurricane Florence. A tremendous accomplishment which made me very proud of our great city!

Veronica Barnes, Charlotte

Stop flip-flopping, Thom Tillis

It amazes me that North Carolinians voted for Thom Tillis. For years he has politically gained by denouncing “climate change” to the point of advocating the US leave the Paris accords. In preparation for another election though, he decides to change his stance a bit knowing full well it won’t hurt him in this election cycle.

Which is your truth, Senator? Will you go to the coast next week and look constituents in the eye and tell them you now believe in global warming and it’s time to do something about it? North Carolina deserves better than politicians like Thom Tillis who change their stances based on the math that dictates how you can win an election.

Phil Solomon, Charlotte

Democrats aren’t responsible for debt

Increases in federal debt during President Obama’s years were mostly inherited from the Bush administration. Debt comes from yearly government deficits, which was $1.6 trillion when Obama took office.

After eight years the deficit was reduced to $585 billion. Many forget the last time we had a balanced budget was under President Bill Clinton, a Democrat who had three consecutive budget years of no deficits.

Kenneth Holder, Mooresville

Perfect photo of hurricane survival

In response to Andrew Carter’s photograph of a man and kitten in Hurricane Florence (Sept. 15):

Augie Beasley 2017
Augie E. Beasley

Andrew Carter of The (Raleigh) News & Observer should win the Pulitzer Prize for photography for the photo taken of Robert Simmons Jr. escaping the storm with his pet. It is a wonderful visual telling the story of man’s humanity better than a thousand pages as he is rescued with his kitten on his shoulder.

I was moved by this picture as I am sure thousand of others were. This picture tells the story of Hurricane Florence better than pictures of destroyed homes. This picture is sad but hopeful at the same time.

The photography and Mr. Simmons should be honored. Oh, and his kitten should be honored as well.

Augie E. Beasley, Charlotte