Letters to the Editor

As Jews, we remember we are a nation of immigrants

On this holiday, fight for the refugees

The Trump administration just announced further reductions in refugee admissions for next year. These historically low numbers are closing our doors to a worldwide crisis.

Today, on the Jewish Day of Atonement, I join my voice with other American Jews reciting the confessional in the plural rather than the singular, taking responsibility for our own individual wrongs and those of our community. Failing this generation of global refugees is our collective sin.

Forty North Carolina rabbis wrote our representatives and 36 national Jewish leaders wrote the president appealing for a higher refugee admissions ceiling. Our president has broken the law by not consulting with Congress before setting this limit. Let us call upon President Trump to obey US law and remember our history as a nation of immigrants.

Rabbi Judy Schindler, Charlotte

It is more than just kneeling for them

In response to “Panthers should be symbols for kids” (Sept. 17 Forum):

Does Forum writer Brenda McMain hear herself? She is appalled that David Tepper said that “People should focus on what NFL players do in the community instead of what they do during the national anthem.” So I guess she doesn’t care about what the players do for the community. All she can focus on is if the players kneel.

For the thousandth time, they are protesting inequality, not the flag. Way to go, my Pittsburgh “brother,” Mr. Tepper.

Holly Hajduk, Charlotte

Where’s the proof against Kavanaugh?

Sheila Evans
Sheila Evans

Well isn’t this interesting?

At the last minute, very conveniently right before a vote on Judge Kavanaugh’s nomination to the Supreme Court, someone comes forward with an assault she says happened in high school. She’s also a Democrat! Is anyone surprised?

This all smells fishy and likely just another political set-up to derail Kavanaugh.

Sheila Evans, Charlotte

We should celebrate the entire military

Could somebody elaborate on the rationale of Marine Week in Charlotte? Was it necessary? Why don’t the other armed forces have their own week? How about making it a month, since there are four branches of the military (you can combine the Navy and the Marines together since the Marines are a division of the Navy).

It is a demonstration of unneeded spending on the military, so the fat cat defense contractors make more money while the poor stay poor, the homeless stay homeless and education funding drops.

Maybe it is a rehearsal for Trump’s military parade that he wants so badly?

Whatever it was, it’s ridiculous.

Danton J.A. Cardoso, Charlotte

No predators in the Supreme Court

We already have two Republican presidencies marked by asterisks because half the country questions the legitimacy of their elections. Now, the GOP wants to mark the legitimacy of the Supreme Court with another asterisk by ramming through the confirmation of Brett Kavanaugh.

Many of us remember the Clarence Thomas confirmation hearings. We don’t need another accused sexual predator on the highest court in our land.

Donna Hatfield, Cornelius

Trump is more like Herod the king

In response to “I see Trump as a Moses-like Figure” (Sept. 14 Forum):

Funny that Ed Mesko sees Trump as the heroic deliverer Moses. I see another more tragic Biblical figure, Herod, who because of his foolish impetuousness had John the Baptist beheaded.

In a desperate attempt to save face and display his absolute authority, he brought the head on a platter to his flirty step-daughter who had cleverly tricked Herod into ridding himself of the one man who dared speak truth to him.

It seems that many of Trump’s closest supporters and those who have attempted to bring truth to him have been being persecuted too.

Miriam Aneses, Indian Land

CMS day off is more than that to many

I want to thank Charlotte Mecklenburg Schools for leaving Wednesday as a teacher workday even after all the days they have already had off. Since beginning this school year, CMS has been closed Labor Day, an early release on September 12, and then three days for Hurricane Florence.

Many CMS parents will express frustrations with schools closing last week during the hurricane, but Wednesday was established on the calendar as a teacher workday, strategically placed on the Jewish High Holiday, Yom Kippur.

Thank you for keeping this day secured so Jewish students will not miss a school day as they celebrate their holiday.

Stephanie Simon, Charlotte