Letters to the Editor

Franklin Graham’s presumption is absurd

Graham spouts nonsense. Again.

In response to “ ‘Not relevant:’ Franklin Graham weighs in on Kavanaugh sexual assault accusations” (Sept. 21):

Once again Franklin Graham demonstrates his bias, bigotry and ignorance. His presumption that “there wasn’t a crime that was committed” is absurd. Was he there?

Judge Brett Kavanaugh seems an honorable man, and perhaps he is, but his accuser deserves to be heard and Kavanaugh should have every opportunity to respond.

Graham, in his typical “holier than though” approach, thinks he has all the answers. I’ve got news for you, Mr. Graham, sneaking the odd cigarette or beer when you are in high school is in no way similar to sexual assault no matter what kind of nonsense you spout about it.

Jack Hankins, Charlotte

This is all that the Democrats have?

If an unsubstantiated allegation from 36 years ago is the worst thing the Democrats can come up with, then Judge Brett Kavanaugh must truly be an outstanding candidate for the Supreme Court.

John Baber, Lake Wylie

Waiting to see what NC’s senators do

Is this just “he said, she said”? Can we tell who is lying?

She has everything to lose, he has everything to gain. She has asked to be investigated, he has not.

She has taken a polygraph, he has not.

I think I can figure it out.

Sens. Thom Tillis and Richard Burr, we will be watching to see who you believe.

Paul Mack, Cornelius

Ford is a pawn in a political game

In response to Anita Hill, “Echoes of 1991: Senators must get Kavanaugh hearings right” (Sept. 20 Opinion):

There is nothing more damaging to gender equality than using Christine Blasey Ford as a pawn in a bigger political game.

If there was a shred of evidence, or if any of Brett Kavanaugh’s six FBI vettings for previous judicial posts had come back blemished, or if Ms. Ford testifies about the incident – if any of these would happen, it would at least make this absurd, three-decade-old claim a bit more relevant.

Instead, the left has discredited women all over the nation by parading this baseless claim in front of our country to throw doubt over the head of a stand-up American who has served this country from the bench in remarkable and commendable fashion for several decades.

Trigg Cherry, Charlotte

Ford deserves a full investigation

Who are the deciders on the Senate Judiciary Committee? On the GOP side, all are white males trending toward old. That, more than anything, helps us understand why they view Judge Kavanaugh as the victim in recent events, a victim of due process.

In some ways, this could become George Orwell’s finest hour, where the assailant gets cast as victim and the victim is accused of being the assailant.

How did it come to this? Christine Blasey Ford’s allegations deserve a complete investigation and a fair hearing.

Michael G. Green, Charlotte

US must make room for refugees

In response to “Trump is right to deny immigrants” (Sept. 20 Forum):

While the U.S. cannot accept every individual who aspires to come here, our country of 325 million can – and should – provide sanctuary for more than 30,000 refugees per year.

By definition, refugees have fled persecution in their former country and have no home.

Can we not find in our souls and moral fiber the mettle and grace to extend a hand to the persecuted, particularly when refugees are extensively vetted by US authorities in overseas refugee camps?

Would considering the story of the Pilgrims be of assistance to us?

Charles Lansden, Charlotte

Give NC residents the aid all deserve

In response to “Hurricane Florence relief aid could be a battle in Congress” (Sept. 16):

As a New Yorker with relatives in Charlotte, I support the efforts of those Republican congressmen who seek extensive federal assistance to those impacted by Hurricane Florence.

All too many people have seen their homes and communities devastated by the storm, and in many cases their livelihoods washed away as well. Assistance is clearly needed.

However, I could not help but recall the widespread opposition among congressional Republicans in “Red State America” to federal assistance for the Middle Atlantic states, especially New Jersey and New York, after they were hammered by Superstorm Sandy in 2012.

I guess they felt that only certain regions of the country are worthy of Uncle Sam’s generosity, namely conservative Republican states.

Dennis Middlebrooks, Brooklyn, NY