Letters to the Editor

Rule of law must be applied in Kavanaugh hearings

Uphold rule of law in Kavanaugh case

During Senate hearings much was made of Judge Brett Kavanaugh’s adherence to precedence – or not. So how is it that a private citizen can now demand our esteemed Senate change not only its rules, but in essence that of our whole court system?

The rule of law is a pillar of our society. It needs to be upheld.

Coy Powell, Charlotte

Remember, this is a lifetime appointment

This isn’t a criminal trial. The standard is not “innocent until proven guilty” because there isn’t a risk of putting anyone in prison.

This is a job interview for a lifetime appointment to one of the most powerful jobs on the planet.

I think the standard should be higher than “he didn’t perjure himself too much” or “you haven’t proven he’s an attempted rapist.”

If Christine Blasey Ford is lying, why would she be so persistent in asking the FBI to be involved? Why would she leave her good life to spin an eventually unverifiable tale at the risk of committing the felony of lying to the FBI?

If Judge Brett Kavanaugh is telling the truth, why is the Senate Judiciary Committee so dead-set against having the FBI investigate?

Daniel Barber, Burnsville

Kavanaugh plan may backfire on Dems

I understand the political manipulations Democrats are attempting by demanding investigations, but it seems that my fellow Democrats are shouting glory before the victory they seek at the midterm elections.

No conservative, nor liberal judge, on the Supreme Court scares me. The law does not work by ideology, but by the rule of law.

Democrats should also be aware of the precedent this action will set for any Supreme Court nomination by a future president – Democrat, Republican or Independent.

Marita Lentz, Charlotte

Dems want to sabotage nomination

What lengths will the Democratic Party go to sabotage the nomination of Judge Kavanaugh?

Sen. Dianne Feinstein, the highest ranking Democrat on the Senate Judiciary Committee, attempted to subvert President Trump’s nominee.

As state director for Concerned Women for America of North Carolina, I believe every woman deserves the right to tell her story. Yet, one is innocent until proven guilty!

Judge Kavanaugh’s integrity and respect for women is well verified. He, his wife and family have been tormented by embittered Democrats who appear to stop at nothing to ambush this nomination.

Jill Coward, Matthews

Remembering a more centrist time

In the 1950s Ike Eisenhower faced many obstacles in defending the United States – the Korean War, the Communist threat of Russia, and other foreign overseas obstacles. Yet, he stood his ground and walked the fine line without getting the US into a war.

The country lived and breathed off his no-nonsense, pragmatic moderate Republicanism.

As a centrist politician, Ike knew how to think solidly, make good Supreme Court decisions, and walk a fine line.

The United States misses the days of Kennedy, Eisenhower and Truman.

Sterling Pless, Rockwell

I found Graham’s comments alarming

In response to “ ‘Not relevant:’ Franklin Graham weighs in on Kavanaugh sexual assault accusations” (Sept. 21):

As a woman and a Christian, I find Franklin Graham’s recent comments alarming. Almost every woman I know has experienced some form of sexual harassment, whether it is unwanted touching or inappropriate comments. No woman ever forgets the experience.

I know that you are innocent until proven guilty, but no guilty person asks for an FBI Investigation. Judge Brett Kavanaugh could also take a lie detector test. Character does matter.

Kelley Walker, Hickory

Way I see it, Obama just did not deliver

Former President Obama is claiming credit for President Trump’s economic successes.

Obama raised taxes, put stifling regulations on business, and did not focus on unemployment or improving GNP and the business climate.

He ignored unfair trade, the North Korea problem, and messed up on Iran.

He made great speeches, stayed politically correct, walked with a confident swagger, but did not deliver results. So no, President Obama, you cannot take credit for what you did not do.

Howard Honeycutt, Charlotte