Letters to the Editor

Hurricane Florence took more than human lives

The ignored victims of the hurricane

Hurricane Florence killed at least 3.4 million chickens and turkeys and 5,500 pigs in North Carolina. What Hurricane Florence makes painfully obvious is that animal farming has no disaster plan for animals.

This storm revealed that beyond the rhetoric of well-cared-for animals is a reality in which millions of defenseless creatures are left by their owners to suffer the most horrific consequences.

The solution to ending this cruel cycle is to use our power to plan ahead, and we can choose to spare animals from this suffering.

Robert Grillo, Chicago IL

Remember now that it’s not all men

Like many other women, I have had some “me too” experiences in my history. However, let’s be clear, a huge majority of men would never do what Dr. Christine Blasey Ford reports happened many years ago with Brett Kavanaugh. Teenagers do a lot of stupid things, especially when they drink too much.

We need to make sure we don’t view this as normative behavior.

Dewitt Crosby, Charlotte

Republicans have been shady as well

In response to “Dems want to sabotage nomination” (Sept. 23 Forum):

How quickly we forget! Jill Coward says Democrats will stop at nothing to ambush Brett Kavanaugh’s appointment to the Supreme Court. What about the Republican Senate’s refusal to even give Merrick Garland a hearing in 2016? That same Senate also refused to even allow appointments to lower federal courts.

Seems as if Republican senators are the ones willing to stop at nothing.

Rosalie Spaniel, Charlotte

We can’t be hypocritical now

In response to ““Dems want to sabotage nomination” (Sept. 23 Forum):

I am still thinking about Merrick Garland, President Obama’s Supreme Court nominee who never even got a hearing after his 2016 nomination. A group of Republicans in the Senate refused to take any action on Garland’s nomination, even though President Obama still had over 44 weeks left in his term.

What of democracy? What of the rule of law? So now, the Republicans want the process to be fair? Cry me a river!

Martha Odom, Charlotte

This is all just a way to derail democracy

In my 62 years I’ve never witnessed such a partisan, disgusting attack on a man eminently qualified to serve on the highest court in the land. It is obvious to the most casual observer that the claims levied by Democrats at Brett Kavanaugh are timed to derail the duty of the Senate.

To our children learning about our government, you are owed an apology.

Mike Weaver, Charlotte

Kavanaugh will need to prove his worth

In response to “How much evidence do we need to destroy someone?” (The Washington Post Sept. 20):

Marc A. Thiessen’s assertion that “no reasonable prosecutor would agree to bring a case” based on the allegations of sexual assault against Brett Kavanaugh is a non sequitur. Kavanaugh is not on trial. He’s auditioning to become one of the nine most powerful and least accountable people in the United States.

The burden to prove he’s worthy of the job is his.

Nicholas Holt, Charlotte

The real heroes who’ve given their all

In response to “Nike unveils Colin Kaepernick as the face of its newest ‘Just Do It’ ad” (Sept. 4):

I was concerned by the ad Nike released featuring Colin Kaepernick. While I don’t think the political voices of athletes should be ignored, I think it is wrong for our nation to continually idolize those who show blatant disregard for the sacrifices made by our real heroes. The theme of the Nike ad reads: “Believe in something, even if it means sacrificing everything.”

Compare this, however, to Army Ranger Pat Tillman who left his career as a linebacker for the Arizona Cardinals to serve overseas following the attacks on the World Trade Center. Tillman truly sacrificed everything as he would ultimately lose his life fighting to preserve our freedom.

Harrison Kaperonis, Monroe

Sick of all these problems? Go vote

As I watched television, read the newspaper and listen to the radio about coverage of protests against President Trump, Congress and the N.C. legislature, a thought came to mind: “Will these people vote in the November elections?”

We see these folks protesting the appointment hearings of Judge Kavanaugh, the N.C. teachers strike, protests over Confederate monuments, the list goes on and on. Have they not figured out though that their vote may really count or will they stay home on Nov. 6 just to start complaining again on Nov. 7 when nothings changed?

Bill Lane, Polkville