Letters to the Editor

Get this right; let FBI investigate Kavanaugh further

Wait. Investigate Kavanaugh further

A Supreme Court appointment is a lifetime job. We need to take the time to get it right.

This is the opinion of the American Bar Association and of this independent and former Republican voter.

Christine Blasey Ford was believable and is not the sole accuser. Given Mark Judge’s book, I have a hard time believing Brett Kavanaugh is as innocent as he has portrayed.

Please get this right. We must have the FBI look at this more and ask the other women to testify. This blind tribalism has to stop and we need confidence that a future Supreme Court justice did not commit a sexual assault.

Keith Wilson, Charlotte

This was a set-up by the Democrats

In response to “Kavanaugh could have just said this” (Sept. 28 Forum):

I was shocked by Forum writer Ted Lucas’ suggestion that Brett Kavanaugh admit he was guilty even if has not been proven guilty and alleges his innocence.

That really shows how each of us is swayed by our political stance.

An emotionally stable person does not let an incident that happened 36 years ago define who they are. I have had many life-altering events happened in my life and some unpleasant sexual memories, but I could not compete with her ridiculous display.

Kavanaugh’s reputation precedes him. He has been investigated by the FBI. To me this is a political set-up to delay Trump’s nomination until after the November election when Democrats may control the Senate.

Patsy Reames, Charlotte

Ugliness at the hearing concerns me

The Kavanaugh hearings were certainly gut-wrenching and, yet again, exposed the ugliness of our current political system and politicians.

Unfortunately, we will never know if sexual assault occurred even though Christine Blasey Ford presented herself as very credible.

What was equally gut-wrenching was the response by Brett Kavanaugh, yelling to the level of a rant to the committee. I would hope our Supreme Court justices, with a lifetime appointment, would display more composure under pressure. He showed an uglier side of himself and makes me wonder if he is worthy of this appointment.

Arthur Tomasino, Charlotte

Tepper should not have signed Reid

In response to “Eric Reid signs with Panthers, back in NFL after protests” (Sept. 27):

I’m disturbed by David Tepper’s hiring of Eric Reid, who disrespected our flag and nation by kneeling during the national anthem.

My oldest brother was seriously wounded in Korea, my dad served in WWII, I served 33 years in the Army and 8.5 months in Afghanistan. My son is a Special Forces candidate.

Mr. Tepper might tell Mr. Reid that it makes veterans mad when he disrespects the flag. It represents our dead brothers and sisters, of all colors, who gave their lives for his and our freedom.

Ivan Beach, Charlotte

Tepper is standing up to the NFL; I like that

Back in the ’80s Donald Trump tried to get an NFL franchise.He was rejected by the NFL’s longtime commissioner.

David Tepper joined a club that wouldn’t have Trump. He showed those club members how to be a fair and respectful owner.

He showed the GOP crowd and the NFL that he’s not intimidated by Trump’s bully tactics. He showed Panther fans that he’s in it to win it. Keep up the good work, David!

Terrence McFadden, Charlotte

Harris isn’t qualified for Congress

In ads candidate Mark Harris cites his wife and daughter being teachers, his congregation having expanded a private Christian school, and his dad serving in the military. But none of them are running for Congress.

What has Mr. Harris personally accomplished? He appears to have no education or experience that is relevant to addressing the issues facing the district he seeks to represent. While in Augusta, Ga., in 2000, contrary to Republican orthodoxy, Mr. Harris blocked a small business from opening near his church because it would offer alcohol and dancing.

What other religious views would Mr. Harris seek to impose on the entire country if he were in Congress?

Thomas Strini, Mint Hill

Stop stonewalling on Atlantic pipeline

The writer is NC director of Consumer Energy Alliance.

Now that resuming construction of the Atlantic Coast Pipeline has the federal go-ahead,, expect the usual hysterical claims from anti-development activists to resurface. Don’t buy it.

In addition to generating jobs and tax revenue, pipelines lower household energy expenses.

This pipeline’s route has also been changed over 300 times following public input to protect cultural sites, endangered species and the environment. Enough stonewalling. This project, and its benefits, have been delayed long enough.

Tim Page, Connelly Springs