Letters to the Editor

Full Senate should appoint Kavanaugh to send a signal

Senators should vote ‘yes’ on Kavanaugh

Our family is deeply concerned about the smear campaign against Judge Brett Kavanaugh. This campaign is definitely an assault on the law and order Americans cherish and value.

The best thing the full Senate could do to counterbalance this serious threat to destroy the rule of law is to confirm a brilliant jurist like Judge Kavanaugh to the High Court.

It would send a strong signal that the US Senate does not affirm attempts to destroy the judiciary. The rule of law is the very life blood of our country and it must be protected.

Jane Kenny, Bluffton, SC

Mark Judge should be subpoenaed

It’s unconscionable that the Republicans on the Senate Judiciary Committee refused to vote for Sen. Richard Blumenthal’s motion to subpoena Mark Judge.

They’d rather have a suspected liar with a questionable past than risk the possibility of losing a conservative majority on the Supreme Court.

At least they could have rejected Judge Brett Kavanaugh and looked at Trump’s next pick.

Sen. Lindsey Graham’s outburst during Thursday’s hearing was a low mark in senatorial decorum.

Constance Kolpitcke, Cornelius

3-ring circus could have been avoided

A three-ring circus played out in the Senate Judiciary Committee on Thursday. It was partisan politics at its worst.

In ring one was the Democrats, in ring three the Republicans, and in the middle ring were two sacrificial lambs. What a travesty.

Instead Sen. Dianne Feinstein and her colleagues waited until the eleventh hour to bring up this issue. Their actions are despicable. If Americans were smart they would vote out these incumbents who only know how to create gridlock and don’t do their jobs.

Craig Reutlinger, Charlotte

Sen. Graham should get off his high horse

Someone should remind Sen. Lindsey Graham, before he rises too high in his righteous indignation, that at least Brett Kavanaugh has gotten a hearing, which is more than the Republicans allowed Judge Merrick Garland.

Elias Roochvarg, Charlotte

Find a justice who’s in the middle

In response to “It’s not the best, but our system works” (Sept. 27 Forum):

Our system does not work. Of any body, the US Supreme Court should be the most unbiased body in our government and rule by what’s right within the Constitution.

Giving a seat to Judge Brett Kavanaugh would only slant the court wholly one way for many years to come. Fair?

How about this: Let’s find a justice who is truly somewhere in the middle, someone with some honor who would rule without political bias?

Tom Basch, Charlotte

Ford’s bravery lifted up survivors like me

Last year, at age 74, I joined the “#MeToo” movement. I was sexually assaulted as a child and told no one, not even my husband, until I was in therapy in my 50s.

I applaud Christine Blasey Ford for sharing her personal story, and I hope it will encourage victimized children, adolescents and adults, female and male, to tell their stories in a supportive environment.

With help, victims can come out of their fear and shame to become an emotionally healthy survivor. I did.

Rosemary Hawver, Fort Mill

Trump’s border policy is cruel

In response to “Trump has achieved a lot in little time” (Sept. 27 Forum):

As Forum writer Don Griffin revels in Donald Trump’s “many accomplishments,” he should know that President Trump inherited a strengthening economy and stock market from his predecessor.

Trump’s tax cuts are projected to grow the annual deficit to $1 trillion and his protectionist trade policies will destabilize and restrain our global markets.

Trump worships dictators and attacks our intelligence agencies, close allies, and the free press.

Mr. Griffin can call Trump’s “zero-tolerance” border policy an accomplishment. I call it ill-conceived cruelty.

Joseph Salerno, Charlotte

Panthers erred in signing Eric Reid

In response to “Eric Reid signs with Panthers, back in NFL after protests” (Sept. 27):

I want to say thanks to the Carolina Panthers for bringing a problem – Eric Reid – to the team.

Apparently, ethics and standards are not a part of the new ownership group.

This is a disgrace to this city and country.

James F. Hall, Charlotte