Letters to the Editor

Lindsey Graham shows lack of respect for women everywhere

Women cannot allow this to continue

Sen. Lindsey Graham was out of line and has lost respect of every woman who has ever been sexually assaulted. He is just another senator who has succumbed to being in the back pocket of President Trump.

Eleven old men are the judge and jury of a woman who has been courageous enough to share her story with the world. So many women have suffered from sexual abuse and have suffered in silence. I can add my name to this list! As a child, telling my story to adults I felt cared for me brought the comment: “Forget about it, don’t cause any trouble.” What did I do? Nothing.

This will not stop as long as men like the ones on the Judiciary Committee, and in Congress, continue to believe that it’s fine behavior.

Mary Ann Evanoff, Midland, N.C.

Times like this, I miss John McCain

When Sens. John McCain, Joe Lieberman and Lindsey Graham worked together, I knew they were honestly working on behalf of our country. It is so sad that since McCain passed away, Sen. Graham seems to have forgotten all the good things they did together.

During the primaries, Donald Trump said terrible things about Graham and even gave out his private cell phone number even though he spoke honestly about Trump’s lack of ability to lead this country.

And yet, just last week I saw him with his face screwed up in anger and then disdain. Oh Senator McCain, I wish you were still around to give him a lecture about standing for what is right instead of putting politics first.

Shannon Mitchell, Charlotte

Ford was calm, Kavanaugh was not

We learned a lot in Thursday’s hearings. Most importantly, that Dr. Christine Ford is a believable, sincere individual. We didn’t know her at all. Now we know much more, all of it positive.

Brett Kavanaugh was petulant, evasive, and belligerent. He lied repeatedly, blamed everyone but himself, and he claimed that a letter from a witness is the same as actual testimony under oath.

Amazingly, he made irrelevant, childish claims that the questioner had also done his bad behavior as if it is excused because someone else did that too.

Who would hire a job candidate, especially to be an impartial judge, who acted like that in an interview?

Michael Zimmermann, Charlotte

You need to be calm for such high power

Judge Kavanaugh’s ill-tempered and highly partisan outburst at Thursday’s hearing demonstrated a total lack of judicial temperament. No one with the lack of self-control and open-mindedness displayed by Kavanaugh should ever have the honor of serving on the Supreme Court.

In this highly charged tribal time in which we live, it would be naive to think that any judge appointed to that Court comes to it without political leanings, but we should expect and require that no justice have the level of prejudice and hatred to which Kavanaugh gave full voice.

Will Graves, Charlotte

Athletes aren’t being disrespectful

Many people seem desperate to believe that black athletes kneeling to raise awareness of injustice are disrespecting the flag and the military. None of the athletes has spoken against the flag or against the military. They kneel rather than sit because kneeling is a respectful gesture of prayer. A silent prayer for justice and a plea for a better America.

Perhaps the outrage is a reflection not of patriotism but of underlying biases. What do you imagine would happen if some NFL players decided to kneel in protest of the failure to fund Trump’s border wall? Would we see the same response from many NFL fans? Would kneeling still be falsely portrayed as an insult to our flag? I doubt it.

Arnie Cann, Charlotte

A great photo for a great new track

The terrific shot by Jeff Siner in Monday’s Bank of America Roval 400 coverage was a perfect moment in sports action photography. Young Ryan Blaney flashing by the imperial superstars Martin Truex Jr. and Jimmie Johnson in a last-second explosion of the totally unforseeable, the checkered flag not 50 yards away!

Covered with detail and insight by Brendan Marks, Charlotte Motor Speedway’s leap into the unknown with a daringly creative, completely new playing field, the road-oval “roval,” introduced a sea-change in what NASCAR Cup racing can be.

No one should be happier about this finish and remarkable day than Speedway President Marcus Smith. He conceived and brought about an innovation worthy of the unmatched legacy of this forward-thinking race track and its Hall of Fame preceding leaders, Humpy Wheeler and Bruton Smith.

Max Muhleman, Charlotte