Letters to the Editor

Charlotte finally has the right formula on affordable housing

Say yes to plan for affordable housing

The writer is President and CEO of Foundation For The Carolinas.

Michael Marsicano
Michael Marsicano

Noticeably absent from the media conversations on affordable housing is the unanimous vote by the Charlotte City Council in August to redesign the housing trust fund. The new program allocates an unprecedented 20 percent of housing units for Charlotteans making minimum wage or very low wages.

The private and philanthropic sector is matching this commitment with another $50 million, with major gifts of cash and land already pledged. This partnership will advance upward mobility and economic opportunity.

Concentration of income levels works against mobility. Mixed-income housing advances mobility. We finally have the right formula to significantly increase opportunity and prosperity for all our neighbors.

To capitalize on this momentum, it is critical we vote yes for the affordable housing bond.

Michael Marsicano, Charlotte

Enforce traffic laws and increase fines

Kenneth Kyzer
Kenneth Kyzer

In response to “City considering 25 mph limit on all neighborhood streets” (Oct. 25):

I applaud the effort to save lives, but would note the following: Charlotte drivers routinely exceed posted limits by far more than 10 mph, some go as fast as 50 in 35 mph zones.

They roll through stoplights. Turn right on red without stopping, turn right from the left lane, and follow way too closely.

Traffic enforcement is not a priority. Unless traffic enforcement is greatly enhanced and the fine structure is changed to discourage violations, lowering speeds will not accomplish anything.

Kenneth Kyzer, Charlotte

Go vote, and use your common sense

I finally agree with Donald Trump about something. This country does need some common sense.

Common sense tells us that we need gun control; that you can’t restart a vibrant economy by giving tax breaks to corporations; and you can’t stop abortion by making it illegal, but you can make it unnecessary by making birth control easily accessible.

It tells us voter suppression is more rampant than voter fraud and that you can’t build a wall to keep people out of our country, but you can work on immigration laws that are comprehensive and kind.

And finally, common sense tells us that all those old white men who are making our laws aren’t going to be around in 20 years, but the damage they are doing will last for generations. Please vote.

Kelley Walker, Hickory

I’m with Trump and GOP on immigration

President Trump proposed common-sense immigration reform based upon “four pillars,” including a path to citizenship for Dreamers and a border wall.

Democrats failed to pass immigration reform in 2009 when President Obama had a super-majority in the Senate, and more recently they have refused to work with Republicans on immigration reform.

Anyone who wants immigration reform or a path to citizenship for Dreamers should vote Republican.

Democrats want campaign issues, not solutions.

Bruce Moline, Charlotte

A cancer on the American presidency

The American people are living in the shadow of a malignant presidency. A cancer that seeks to grow for its own means and not to serve the broader public. He refuses to allow the office to grow within but wants the office to shrink so that he might grow.

Our nation is embroiled in terroristic acts with bombs sent to opponents and critics of the president. We are witnessing a deterioration of the presidency of the United States of America and the Republican Party.

Benjamin Cook, Charlotte

Political ads are a bipartisan folly

Once again it is election season, and once again the social/traditional media outlets are drowning in a sea of drivel and babble – aka political ads.

This is a bipartisan embarrassment. The needs of the citizens to be knowledgeable and informed are not being met by any party.

Aside from that issue, consider the horrendous waste of capital, both monetary and intellectual. We are expected to see and listen to insipid, inane, paternalistic and sophomoric ads as an aid in our decision-making process. That is folly, as the ads all share the same pedigree – spin, half-truths and bias.

My fellow citizens, there must be a better way!

Charles Newton, Charlotte

Trump’s response on Kashoggi harmful

President Trump and Secretary of State Mike Pompeo continue to support shifting stories for the murder of Jamal Khashoggi. They are eager to put the value of military contracts over state terrorism at the hands of our so-called ally.

Murder matters. Our national reputation is being torn to shreds. A president should not act like an unscrupulous mafia boss. What do we stand for in the age of Trump?

Daniel M. Forrest, Rock Hill