Letters to the Editor

Stop Trump’s out of control behavior. Vote!

Trump cabinet is rife with dishonesty

In response to “Probe of Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke sent to US prosecutors” (Oct. 30) and related articles:

Patricia Ball
Patricia Ball

The Trump administration is the most corrupt in my lifetime. Cabinet members are spending unprecedented amounts of the people’s money on dining tables, personal travel, and vacations.

Trump’s conflicts of interest abound. Nepotism is rampant. Congress, controlled by the GOP, supplies no checks and balances. The president has no behavioral controls.

Moral outrage must come through your vote!

Patricia Ball, Charlotte

Apologize to Kavanaugh now

For weeks we heard the mainstream media pile on the accusations of serious sexual misconduct by Brett Kavanaugh during his confirmation hearings. Over the weekend though, a woman who accused Kavanaugh of rape came forward saying her statements were false and she was just trying to derail his Supreme Court confirmation.

Where is everyone’s apology for attempting to completely trash this man’s reputation? Whether for or against Kavanaugh, this type of behavior by anyone cannot be tolerated in a civil society. It just goes to show you that our elected officials will do or say anything to proliferate their party’s agenda.

Thomas Quigley, Charlotte

Will you take care of the caravan then?

In response to “America is not what it used to be” (Oct. 31 Forum):

I hope Forum writer Sue Friday would be OK with the thousands traveling in the caravan coming to Davidson. Ask your town to help take care of them in your yard and surrounding area. Their health care, schooling and English lessons will need to be covered as well as clothing, food and shelter. I hope you find employment for all of them.

Most Americans have the heart to love and care for others but many of us do not have the financial means to pay the taxes that this burden will cause. I will direct them to I-77 North and maybe they will arrive before tolls have to be paid because we will be responsible for those as well.

Chuck Strong, Charlotte

Blame parents as well for shootings

In response to “Bullying preceded fatal shooting of Butler High student, officials say” (Oct. 29):

A very large majority of these tragedies can be solved by one thing, the parents of the child. Raise children to know life is important and means something. It’s possible that mental health may have been part of the tragedy but parents must teach their children that you don’t make permanent decisions of temporary problems.

Bobby McKeithen and the boy who shot him may very well have been significant contributors to us and our country but now we will never know. How sad.

Parents, wake up and get to know your kids and more importantly, show them what love is! You want to change our society of gun violence? Start with God and the individual at home.

Jim Myers, Huntersville

Let Habitat help with affordable housing

Sheila W. Evans
Sheila W. Evans

The local government’s plan to build affordable housing in and around Charlotte is missing one important part – a partner capable of implementing the plan.

It should partner with Habitat For Humanity, an organization with vast experience in getting low-cost housing into homeowners’ hands. Many churches and businesses provide volunteer workers to assist in the construction, thus keeping the cost low for the potential homeowners.

This plan should be a win-win for all concerned.

Sheila W. Evans, Charlotte