Letters to the Editor

How can we trust that our votes were counted?

Trustworthy voting methods needed

In response to “Early voting ahead of midterms reveals vote-related problems” (Nov. 3):

We are told that this phenomenon of voter machines having issues is “not part of a conspiracy.” When I have seen and heard of this happening all over the country, though, what other conclusion can one reach?

These machines have been in use for decades and still the “bugs” have not been worked out? If this is happening locally, what is our assurance that it’s not happening on a much wider scale? When our vote is compromised, what is left of our democracy?

I am a strong advocate for a return to paper ballots countrywide and to have them guarded, until counted, as if they were an original copy of our Constitution. They are the most valuable collective possession that our country has.

Gerry Randolph, Rock Hill

I really hope everyone voted

As a registered Republican I will not be voting for a Republican candidate again until Trump is gone. I really think Putin got him elected, not the real American people.

I listen to his rallies to fact check his statements and he just seems to incite hate and violence toward anyone who disagrees with him. He has gotten people hurt or worse with his words. I do not understand people cheering him when it has caused violence against others. They are not Christian people when love your enemy and love your neighbor are the words of Jesus, not to hate or harm them.

Where is your conscience? I hope everyone voted.

Brenda Poole, Salisbury

Trump must be opposed not praised

In response to “Why women like me support Donald Trump” (Nov. 3 Opinion):

The column by Danielle Zapata Miller should not go by without comment. I understand she is a committed Republican, but I am repulsed by her logic.

Leaving policy disagreements aside, what she fails to grasp is how many of us are horrified and dismayed by the damage President Trump has done to our values and to our society. Having him occupy the office has given cover to racists, homophobes and the worst of those who live among us. He must be opposed.

Alan Shubin, Charlotte

The INF treaty is too important to leave

Bert Crain

Kudos to Mikhail Gorbachev and numerous U.S. statesmen for denouncing the folly of the current administration’s plan to withdraw from the INF (intermediate nuclear forces) treaty.

The Trump administration claims that Russia has violated the treaty (signed by Gorbachev and Reagan in 1987), which prohibited the deployment of short and intermediate range nuclear weapons in Europe. This treaty is critically important in limiting the numbers of nuclear weapons, of which there are still far too many. Russia’s alleged violation of having developed a cruise missile deployed on its eastern frontier seems like a lame reason to withdraw from a treaty that is important to strategic stability.

A little creative diplomacy could easily amend it.

Bert Crain, Hickory

Migrants must come to us for sanctuary

I am surprised at the number of people, including the President, who do not seem to know that the only way for a migrant to apply for sanctuary is to appear at the border and ask for it. There is no other way. By closing the ports of entry and denying people the opportunity to ask for sanctuary, the US is actually in the wrong, not the immigrants.

C. G. Kilburn, Monroe

Road construction here will never end

Having moved away, I do not have to face the never ending road construction on a daily basis. But coming back into town for a Panthers game, I see why so many stay away.

To have over two decades of interstate and local street construction still in the process is ludicrous. The local, state, federal and municipal hacks in charge of this should cringe in shame. I’m sure there are many. After so much time, most must have died out and been replaced by heirs.

Coming in on a Sunday was murderous. I can’t believe I ever put up with this on a daily basis.

Tom Ozment, Jamestown

Bravo to the arts community!

In response to “Children’s Theatre’s ‘Last Stop on Market Street’: Kind of a charmer” (Nov. 1) and “The Love Influence: A ‘perpetually pregnant’ Charlotte artist defying categorization” (Nov. 2):

Thank you for bringing us another outstanding story on the arts community through the Thrive Campaign. Lawrence Toppman and Pam Kelley are extremely talented writers who take us on a journey through a variety of arts. Applause, applause! Please keep these interesting and educational stories coming.

Ann Davis, Charlotte