Letters to the Editor

Be careful, newly elected officials

Congratulations on a successful election!

First, I want to congratulate everyone on their victory. That being said, don’t go crazy.

Just as you were elected into office, you can be elected out. Take this opportunity to show Republicans you can govern with restraint, both fiscal and socially. Earn their trust by governing responsibly. Show everyone that Democrats can enact laws beneficial to everyone while maintaining our shared values and integrity, without the need to castigate those different from us.

Let’s not make this a two-year fluke.

Charles Fortanbary, Charlotte

Lessons have been learned this election

Bill Wallace
Bill Wallace

Once again the old saying about power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely came back to bite the overreaching Republican super majorities in the NC House and Senate. Now they will have to learn to govern and not dictate. The Democrats did the same in 2008 nationally and paid dearly for it, and I am saying all this as a conservative.

What concerns me currently is these super majorities exist in Charlotte and Mecklenburg for the Democrats. Do they have the maturity and restraint to consider all of their citizens? History says no. Perhaps they will buck the trend.

Bill Wallace, Charlotte

Get on board Trump’s agenda

In response to “Democrats seize House control, but Trump’s GOP holds Senate” (Nov. 7):

The new president’s opposition party traditionally wins House seats during the president’s first term. This year’s results could have been avoided.

Trump’s election was a national mandate to eliminate Obamacare, pass permanent tax cuts, stop illegal immigration, build the wall and eliminate the Dream Act. Instead, the GOP shot itself in the foot by voting against or failing to implement all of the above.

The old GOP guard must learn this isn’t the old Republican party. This is Trump’s GOP. The GOP must get on board with Trump’s agenda or face further losses.

Thomas W. Cochran, Troutman, NC

We need better voting locations

During Tuesday’s predicted large voter turnout, there were dozens of cars waiting in line to pick up children after school at Collinswood Language Academy, where the school gymnasium is a designated voting site. New voters there may have been confused and intimidated by the long line of cars, perhaps driving by unable or unwilling to wait.

Many voting sites are located in schools. This logjam was probably duplicated at these places resulting in unintended voter suppression. In the future, CMS should consider making teacher workdays coincide with election days. If that can’t be done, polling places should be moved from busy school locations to less congested sites.

Dan Busch, Charlotte

Insurance companies are a business first

In response to “The truth about Republicans and preexisting conditions” (Nov. 4):

To expect insurance companies to insure a person with a preexisting medical condition is ludicrous. If you are insured by another company and have a condition and change companies, that could be covered. However, if you have not been insured and develop a major medical condition, to expect an insurance company to cover that expense is crazy.

You wouldn’t expect an insurer to cover your house if it burnt down before you insure it. If you have a wrecked car, you can’t get it insured. So, why do you think a health insurance company can cover a preexisting condition? That is charity.

Herman Lands, Cornelius

Staying alive is expensive in America

Bill Sturgeon
Bill Sturgeon

When I received my flu shot at the local pharmacy, I asked what the shot would cost if I didn’t have insurance. The shot would have cost around $40 per person. So, a family of four with no insurance would shell out about $160.

Now suppose multiple family members got the flu and had to receive medical care. The average cost of just the appointment would be through the roof and possibly up to $3,000 for the emergency room visit.That doesn’t even include cost of prescriptions, over-the-counter medications and lost work due to illness. And we can’t afford to provide insurance as a country?

So much for the party of fiscal responsibility.

Bill Sturgeon, Charlotte

Thank you America for your votes!

I want to say thank you everyone for voting!

It makes this Vietnam veteran proud to see such patriotism in our great country!

Jay Alexander, Charlotte