Letters to the Editor

Another mass shooting. Will we become immune to caring?

13 more dead; I feel helpless, frustrated

Valerie Lewis 2018
Valerie Lewis

Twelve days ago I sat down to watch the morning news only to hear of yet another mass shooting. The tears ran down my face as I grieved for those killed or injured, for their friends and loved ones whose lives are forever changed.

Thursday morning – another mass shooting and again the tears flow, the helplessness and frustration.

As I reflect on all of those other mornings when I watched or listened to news about other tragedies – in the classroom, on college grounds, in nightclubs and places of worship – I worry might I become insensitive to these repetitive events; might I become immune to caring? Will I stop crying?

Valerie Lewis, Cornelius

I’m no threat; I was only campaigning

Leonard Jarvis
Leonard Jarvis

Last week I was campaigning in Kannapolis, going from door to door. All of a sudden while ringing a doorbell I noticed a police officer sitting across the street surveying my every move.

Because it began to rain, I decided to remain under the stoop where I was standing. The officer remained there until I was picked up by one of my colleagues.

It is a shame a black man is being harassed by the local police for doing his civic duty. Black men are not the major threat; radicalized white men are sending explosives. Numerous studies reveal radicalized white men have committed some of the deadliest terrorist acts on American soil. Black men are not the enemy.

Leonard Jarvis, Concord

I predict blue wave will bring high taxes

In response to Our View “A blue wave that’s bad for Charlotte” (Nov. 8 Editorial):

To all of you left-wing liberals who put the Charlotte area in control of Democrats, I hope you will be happy when they turn our city into the next Baltimore, Detroit or Chicago. I know you will especially be thrilled when they raise all taxes and put property out of reach for many Charlotteans. This is what they are famous for.

Cliff Passons, Charlotte

You can thank Trump for that blue wave

You can thank our president for the blue wave in Charlotte and elsewhere in North Carolina.

It took me about 10 seconds to vote. Solid Democrat votes all the way. I barely looked at the names I voted for. My only goal was to not vote for anyone with a party connection to Trump.

Republicans, wake up and smell the coffee! Donald Trump is a malignant tumor that is spreading throughout the whole Republican Party!

Richard Lindsey, Charlotte

Puckett: A voice of fiscal responsibility

Steven P. Nesbit
Steven P. Nesbit

One of the surprises of this year’s election was that incumbent Mecklenburg Commissioner Jim Puckett lost the District 1 seat.

We should pause to recognize him for his decades of effective service representing northern Mecklenburg County and, before that, the CMS board.

His has been a consistent voice of responsibility that helped check the worst impulses of the commission, such as the Major League Soccer scam last year. The selfless leadership of people like him makes local government work.

Thank you, Jim Puckett.

Steven P. Nesbit, Charlotte

Glad to see gracious response in the 9th

Dan McCready’s concession statement and Mark Harris’ gracious response make it sound like we have at least two grown-ups in our area. Those two boys “wuz raised right.” Thanks, you two!

Ted Lucas, Charlotte

I live in fear of my son losing insurance

In response to “Insurance companies are a business first” (Nov. 8 Forum):

In response to Forum writer Herman Lands… No, you can’t expect an insurance company to replace a car or house before it’s insured, but houses and cars can be replaced. People can’t.

As a mother of an adult son with congenital heart disease, I live in fear of the day he cannot get insurance because of his preexisting condition.

I’m guessing Mr. Lands has no family members with preexisting conditions.

Connie Smith, Mooresville

Limited role in development is best

The Eastland Mall site, the Brooklyn neighborhood, and the North Tryon areas share several commonalities: lots of extensive and expensive planning and little construction or development to date.

On the other hand, we have Stonewall Street, South End and NODA – no or very limited governmental planning, but lots of development and construction. Lesson?

John Huson, Charlotte