Letters to the Editor

Gun violence is a direct consequence of lax gun control

Easy access to guns fuels mass shootings

In response to “Gunman storms California dance club; at least 12 dead” (Nov. 9) and related articles:

This time at a bar in California. So now our safety is in question at our synagogues, mosques, churches, workplaces and schools.

The question is why so much more gun violence in the U.S. versus almost every other country in the world. The answer is that we have incredibly easy access to guns. Our gun violence is a direct consequence of our lack of gun control.

Norman Jameson, Charlotte

Persistence at polls can impact shootings

Tara Anastasi
Tara Anastasi

In response to “13 more dead; I feel helpless, frustrated” (Nov. 9 Forum):

Thursday morning, the school where I teach performed a lockdown drill. As I, three teachers, and 30 students huddled quietly in a gymnasium closet, I looked at the faces of the kids. I felt profoundly sorry that these 12-year-old children have to prepare for events such as mass shootings.

How I voted, though, was powerful comfort. Persistence and insistence are the tools we must use at the polls to stop this madness.

Tara Anastasi, Matthews

Meck Dems haven’t been raising taxes

In response to “I predict blue wave will bring high taxes” (Nov. 9 Forum):

The writer is a Mecklenburg County commissioner.

Dumont Clarke
Dumont Clarke MECKLENBURG COUNTY Charlotte

The Democratic Party has had a majority of the members of the Mecklenburg County Board of Commissioners for the last five years.

The property tax rate was set at 82.32 cents in June 2018, a .75 cent increase, primarily to help fund the first year start-up costs of the initial phase of a pre-Kindergarten program for four year olds.

Prior to that, the Mecklenburg County general property tax rate was flat – unchanged – for four years at 81.57 cents from fiscal 2015 through fiscal 2018.

Forum writer Cliff Passons might want to do a little research before he declares Democrats are famous for “raising taxes and putting property out of reach for many Charlotteans.” Facts are stubborn things.

Dumont Clarke, Charlotte

Put public policy over party tribalism

Democrats win the U.S. House and one of their first orders of business is to investigate President Trump and his administration. This demonstrates that neither party is dedicated to public policy, rather to tribalism and vanquishing your opponent.

Dale W. Saville, Charlotte

Anybody seen the old Sen. Graham?

Once upon a time, we had a somewhat independent Republican U.S. senator named Lindsey Graham. Our senator would stand with his friend John McCain and they would occasionally depart from the herd and criticize President Trump.

In fact, way back in 2017 Sen. Graham stated, “If Jeff Sessions is fired, there will be holy hell to pay.”

Our new, asleep on the job, Sen. Graham is now not only fine with Trump firing Sessions, but he also thinks it is just swell for Trump to appoint an acting attorney general without Senate confirmation.

If anybody runs into the old Sen. Graham, please tell him to come home. We miss him.

Andy Kane, Lake Wylie, SC

I give Trump credit for all his hard work

Donald Trump is the toughest individual I’ve ever known.

He did more campaigning for his party than I’ve ever seen before. I can only imagine the attacks planned for him for the remaining two years of his presidency; only he is capable of dealing with this much constant vitriol.

President Trump is to be commended for his strength and stamina and for fulfilling his promises. He has my full support.

Dickie Benzie, Charlotte

Here’s a committee Harris can chair

In response to “Democrat McCready concedes defeat to Republican Harris in 9th District race” (Nov. 8):

I can only hope that Mark Harris is selected as chairman of the House Flat Earth Committee.

Don Reiner, Mt. Holly

Just present the news, not opinions

The headline “Trump picks loyalist to replace Sessions as AG” (Nov. 8) expresses an opinion about the choice.

The name of Trump’s choice was Matthew Whitaker. A simple use of his last name would have taken away the bias in the reporting. Your word choice also implies an assumption that the person would be on Trump’s side, which you do not know.

Please just report the news. Thank you.

Kathy A. Taylor, Charlotte