Letters to the Editor

CNN and Acosta suing Trump? Laughable!

I can only laugh at Jim Acosta

Don McIver
Don McIver

After throwing a fit and trying to take President Trump’s news conference hostage last week, Jim Acosta has lost his security clearance. He has no concept of appropriate behavior or any deference to the president and more importantly, his office.

What he forgot is being at a press conference is a privilege, not a constitutional right. His and CNN’s lawsuit to get his press credentials back is laughable. The assertion is free speech. What they forget is that the White House is not a street corner, it is a setting where the president can control who gets in. If Acosta has a problem, pick a street corner on Pennsylvania Avenue and say what you want.

Good luck Jim and CNN on winning your frivolous lawsuit.

Don McIver, Charlotte

Democrats only want power, not to help us

When the Democrats were running, all they wanted to talk about was health care. Now, after winning a narrow victory for the House, they are talking about probes, impeachment and going after the president’s family and business.

They have 85 probes that they want to pursue. How does this do anything for the American people? It tells us that Nancy Pelosi and company are only interested in power and taking down Trump any way they can.

Obviously, with Maxine Waters and Jerry Nadler leading committees, we are looking at two years of gridlock and nothing for the people of this country.

Thurman Linker, Cramerton

Both parties must work together now

Obama spent his first four years blaming Bush and the next four blaming Republicans for all that went wrong. The next two years, Democrats were accusing Trump of Russian collusion. Now they’re talking investigations and getting even.

What happened to campaign promises to attack the healthcare and infrastructure issues? When is “enough” enough? It is time for all of us to work together and accomplish something for the American people!

Harmon James, Denver

Republicans want us to doubt ourselves

In response to “Amid Florida recount, McCrory throws gas on the voter fraud fire” (Nov. 12 Editorial):

Laura Reich
Laura Reich

I’m glad Pat McCrory has been called out in his quest to push the election fraud narrative. This is something Republicans have been doing for quite awhile and now you have President Trump leading the charge.

Florida is in an automatic recount based on how close certain races were. It is their state law. There is no fraud and Republicans and their leader are just trying to make Americans lose confidence in our democracy.

Laura Reich, Matthews

Elizabeth Warren isn’t Native American

In response to “Why attack Elizabeth Warren here?” (Nov. 12 Forum):

Maysun Dietrick’s comments were dead on, Forum writer Susan Griffis.

As unimportant as this whole discussion about Elizabeth Warren’s Native American ancestry is, Ms. Warren was not raised as a Native American, she did not grow up on a reservation and she is not a member of a tribe. She is not a Native American. Yet from 1986 to 1995 she listed herself as a minority in the legal directory of the Association of American Law Schools. In December 1989 she had her ethnicity changed from white to Native American at the University of Pennsylvania and she agreed to be listed as Native American at Harvard.

This sure feels like Senator Warren is “parading around as something she is not.”

Bill Walton, Charlotte

Insurance and being gifted aren’t related

In response to “Insurance industry isn’t the bad guy” (Nov. 12 Forum):

Surely Forum contributor Phil Clutts, in his defense of the for-profit health insurance industry, did not intend to compare access to health care with access to being gifted with exceptional beauty, exceptional talent in sports or the ability to excel in the field of entertainment.

Lack of access to these gifts might cause one envy or unhappiness, while lack of access to adequate health care can, and often does, kill!

Janet Taylor, Lincolnton

What ever happened to the caravan?

Where is the caravan of “gang members” and “criminals” now?Is it near our US border? Mr. President, is the “invasion” going to happen soon? I haven’t heard any updates since Tuesday of last week. I need to prepare for this supposed horde of disease ridden migrants.

I am really glad that more than 5,000 US troops are at the border to protect us. To be serious, though, my sincere thanks to those troops, and I am sorry that you will miss Thanksgiving with your families.

Joy Dean, Cornelius