Letters to the Editor

A ‘non-functioning adult’ in the White House? That’s not what I see

Trump is no ‘non- functioning adult’

In response to Our View “Please, Hillary, don’t do it” (Nov. 16 Editorial):

Is the “non-functioning adult in the White House” that this editorial refers to the one who turned our stagnant economy around?

The one who is fixing our trade agreements to make them fair for Americans?

The one who is questioning why the USA pays over 28 percent of all dues to the United Nations?

The one who is fighting, sometimes against members of his own party, to keep our borders secure from the hoards of Central Americans who want to enter the country illegally?

Oh, and he did all this and more in less than two years.

John Petrie, Fort Mill

Let voters decide length of council term

In response to “City Council moving toward 4-year terms” (Nov. 14):

The writer is a former City Council candidate.

Daniel Herrera
Daniel Herrera

I caution the Charlotte City Council on its willingness to switch from two-year to four-year terms without the consent of Charlotte residents.

We cannot allow politicians to determine the boundaries and privileges of their own offices.

If Council members wish to extend the term, they must do so through a local referendum. The same people who sent them to the City Council should have a say in how long they serve.

At the end of the day, elected officials must remind themselves they are here to serve others, not themselves.

Daniel Herrera, Charlotte

Quit shelling out for Amazon, others

James Vasiliou
Jimmy Vasiliou

The entire sordid spectacle of cities and states across the nation vying for Amazon with billions in taxpayer-funded subsidies has revealed a disturbing trend for the nation.

Large corporations are raiding our state and local public dollars, with bipartisan support, at the expense of vital social services – all for jobs that are not guaranteed to hire inside the localities where these companies settle.

We need to look at how we can stop these interstate cash bonanzas so that cities like Charlotte can use public money to focus on its citizens.

Jimmy Vasiliou, Charlotte

For me, blue wave in Meck was no surprise

Why all the hand-wringing over Mecklenburg electing so many Democratic representatives?

Is it possible that our national leaders are totally unacceptable and that the GOP’s power grab tactics in the N.C. General Assembly over-reached on issue after issue?

The local GOP didn’t offer candidates expressing opposition to those policies or who suggested a change in tactics, thus failing to acknowledge or act on the expectations of constituents.

Lucille Howard, Charlotte

I liked what I saw from Trump in France

In response to “Trump disrespected all veterans” (Nov. 14 Forum):

While the president was in France honoring the American forces from World War I, he was actually making most of us veterans proud that he remembered our grandfathers and great-grandfathers who gave their lives for our freedoms.

Forum writer Daryl Solomonson said Trump is “a lone nationalist separated from those who serve.” Veterans like me served because we are “nationalists” and wanted to protect the shores of our country and protect our allies.

Larry A. Singer, Cornelius

Appointing Whitaker taints Mueller probe

This is a key moment for the politicians. Whether the appointment of Matthew Whitaker as acting attorney general is legal or not is really not important.

What positive value can be had by his appointment? He does not bring any stellar judicial credentials, but instead brings only additional questions of motives and alliances.

For goodness sake, at some point facts from the Mueller investigation will be released but will be tainted by the guidance/vetting of a suspect appointee. Even a report supporting the president will result in a dark cloud remaining over this administration, due to this bungled appointment.

This is sad for the president and all his political supporters and only will lead people to suspect the worst.

Kurt Schulze, Charlotte

Electoral College undermines elections

The antiquated system of the Electoral College is no longer fit for determining the president of the United States.

In two of our past five presidential elections the candidate who won the popular vote lost in the electoral vote.

If the popular vote winner loses the electoral vote it undermines our election system and the credibility of our government. In turn, it impacts voter turnout, as Democrats in majority Republican states don’t turn out to vote and vice versa – further undermining faith in our system.

Jakob Lucas, Waxhaw