Letters to the Editor

Hepatitus A scare reveals need for more testing

More Hepatitis A testing needed

In response to “Hundreds vaccinated after scare involving hepatitis A” (Nov. 16):

It concerns me greatly that Charlotte has gone through two restaurant episodes of Hepatitis A in such a short period of time.

I think it would be a good idea to require not only restaurants but grocery stores – and anyone handling food for resale – to be tested periodically.

Posting a Grade A inspection on the wall is not enough anymore.

Rita Flowers, Charlotte

Yield to voters on City Council terms

Harry Taylor

There are valid reasons to lengthen Charlotte City Council terms to four years. But Council would be wise to consider that for most of the last decade, North Carolinians have witnessed nonstop abuse of democracy by those with political power.

Faith in our government and elected leaders is crucial to a healthy democracy; that faith is plenty shaky right now.

Voting yourselves four-year terms without asking us – We the People – just because you can will not be viewed or remembered with charity.

Harry Taylor, Charlotte

Acosta decision a win for American public

In response to “Judge: White House must return CNN’s Jim Acosta’s credential” (Nov. 16):

Erin Allen
Erin Allen

Americans should be thankful that a federal district judge ruled in favor of the free press we depend on.

Journalists don’t owe the president “deference,” they owe Americans the obligation to obtain facts and report them.

If you’re old enough to remember President Reagan and Sam Donaldson, you know it’s the nature of the White House beat to pose aggressive questions – because, face it, who needs more aggressive questioning than the leader of the free world?

Every president needs to be held accountable, and thanks to the free press they have been.

Erin Allen, Midland

GOP treats Pelosi like it did Clinton

In response to Our View “Please, Hillary, don’t do it” (Nov. 16 Editorial):

My greatest source of fatigue with another Hillary Clinton run is listening to the Republican efforts to destroy her chance for victory because their grip on power is more important to them than the welfare of the country or the will of the people.

What they did to Hillary in 2016 is now being repeated against Nancy Pelosi, who strikes fear into their hearts because she is so competent as Speaker.

Bob Kirby, Charlotte

Repeal antiquated Second Amendment

In response to Taylor Batten “The story of America’s next mass shooting” (Nov. 11 Opinion)

This editorial inspired me to write what I believe must be done to stop the mass shooting epidemic: As Americans, we must actively pursue repeal of the Second Amendment.

People would then be required to either apply for gun ownership or surrender their guns. Failure to surrender would invoke prosecution for felony possession.

When gun violence and mass shootings touch the lives of most Americans, including lawmakers, we will have enough political will and momentum to force a demand for total repeal of this antiquated amendment.

Joseph Salerno, Charlotte

Put metal detectors in every school

Metal detectors are needed in all schools. Our children are our future; we must protect them.

The future is unpredictable. There is no way we can know what will happen to our children when they step out the door for any everyday event. From past mass shootings we know the shooter’s intention is to kill a large number of people in one place, either to get attention, pursue a vendetta, kill for a cause, or because they may be mentally ill.

It is essential that all people are inspected by metal detectors before entering any of our schools.

Sandra Leeper, Belmont

Next up: Eliminate NC ABC, legalize pot

Stephen Gilmore
Stephen V. Gilmore

Now that the 2018 elections are over, I have a couple of issues that should be on the ballot in future elections:

Eliminate the N.C. ABC and turn liquor sales – and hours of operation – to the private sector. The government has no more business selling liquor than it does selling cars, groceries or any other commodity.

Allow marijuana use, for any reason, not just medical marijuana. The government has no right to tell us what we may ingest into our bodies or limit the reason we may do so.

Adopting these two measures will show that the Tar Heel State is indeed “First in Freedom.”

Stephen V. Gilmore, Charlotte