Letters to the Editor

Bokhari shouldn’t stay silent on all the good Trump has done

Bokhari giving in to progressive agenda

Trigg Cherry
Trigg Cherry

In response to “You might start calling me a liberal, but we Republicans need to change” (Nov. 18 Opinion):

I’m saddened, but not shocked by Charlotte City Council member Tariq Bokhari’s op-ed piece.

Sacrificing our values and staying quiet on all the good our president has done for this country is not the way to move forward.

Being scared to voice the successes our country has seen in the last two years is a weak and cowardly excuse to change the way you govern in City Council. Be stronger than that. Stand for the right things, speak up for the accomplishments of our Commander in Chief and quit wilting under the pressure of an urban-progressive agenda being pushed forward by our current City Council and mayor.

Trigg Cherry, Charlotte

I like that Bokhari is putting integrity first

Finally, a Republican said something I liked. Tariq Bokhari said he has concerns about how to handle Trump’s actions and policies and that it can be paralyzing trying to please both sides.

When you go with character/integrity and do the right thing, you feel better about yourself. Win or lose, doing the right thing always feels right!

We all know when Trump is doing something he shouldn’t be doing. Many Republicans are now Democrats because they are going to stand up for what’s right, regardless of the criticism.

Elizabeth Will, Shelby

Trump’s forest fire comments laughable

President Trump’s comparison of California forest fires to those of Finland completely misses the mark. Finland is at approximately 62 degrees latitude, while San Francisco, for example, is at 37 degrees. This means the climate in California is much warmer and drier.

Additionally, forests in Finland are comprised of different types of trees – trees with harder wood and branches not nearly as close to the ground as in California. Thus, California fires are more likely and burn more virulently than fires in Finland.

Trump’s idea of “raking the forest floor” to solve the problem is laughable – and this is from a man who has probably never raked so much as a leaf in his entire life.

Richard French, Davidson

Electoral College prevents ‘mobocracy’

In response to “Electoral College undermines elections” (Nov. 18 Forum):

We have an Electoral College to protect us against “mobocracy,” in which dictators emerge as winners in a pure popular vote system within weak and immature democracies. History has plenty of examples.

I suggest voters read The Federalist Papers and our U.S. Constitution to understand the genius of the framers.

If any voter still thinks the Electoral College should be replaced with a popular vote system, then decide which of the Top-10 metro areas is the place to live. No campaigning would ever take place anywhere else, and places like Waxhaw would be politically irrelevant.

Bob Brenk, Concord

Dems can investigate, govern at same time

In response to “Democrats only want power, not to help us” (Nov. 15 Forum):

Forum writer Thurman Linker decries the fact that Democrats are planning investigative committees in a number of areas after the first of the year, instead of working on health care. Hopefully, Mr. Linker will see in the coming months, it is possible to do both. Democrats have proved time and again they are able to both walk and chew gum.

Diane Rich, Charlotte

I support 4-year terms, with 1 caveat

Deb Park
Deb Park

I am in favor of four-year terms for the City Council with one caveat – change the N.C. Constitution to allow term limits. Then, limit Council members from serving more than two successive terms.

As with any job, it takes a year or more to come up to speed and understand the demands and nuances of the position.

However as public servants, I think eight years would be an appropriate term and would allow the city to cultivate leadership among our diverse citizenship. Adding term limits would get my vote.

Deb Park, Charlotte

Repair divide: Start with bumper stickers

Steve Craig 2016
Steve Craig

Moving on from elections we hear polarization regretted. Here’s a good start: a moratorium on bumper stickers.

We have enough, thank you, most of them snarky and egotistic. Can anyone justify “My horse bucked off your honor student”? And it goes downhill from there.

What drives us to flaunt contempt of others? This is a First Amendment curtailment we can all get behind.

Steve Craig, Charlotte