Letters to the Editor

CMS board is approaching equity issue the right way

I value CMS board’s reasoned approach

In response to “CMS stumbles on its next steps toward equity“ (Nov. 19 Opinion):

Contributing columnist Justin Perry speculates blindly about why certain CMS Board of Education members were not on the policy committee.

He speculates further why those on the policy committee voted the way they did. He offers no actual solutions beyond amorphous demand for “equity” and – form a committee!

Kudos to the CMS board for resisting such perpetual noise and taking a reasoned approach.

Jeremy Stephenson, Charlotte

Set Council term limits at 8 years

Will Whitley
Will Whitley

Increasing Charlotte City Council terms from two to four years is a reasonable request under two conditions:

▪ The citizens of Charlotte should make the determination via voting.

▪ It should be contingent on the pursuit of amending the N.C. Constitution to require term limits as well.

No one should be allowed to serve in any city office beyond eight years, whether it is two four-year terms or four two-year terms.

Will Whitley, Charlotte

Think long and hard about naming Pelosi

Democrats in the U.S. House should think long and hard before electing Nancy Pelosi as Speaker.

She is too controversial and has too much baggage to be an effective leader.

She would become a lightning rod during the 2020 elections. Why hand the Republicans a ready-made campaign issue?

In this era of the #MeToo movement, another woman should be elected speaker. Women make great leaders, so put them in positions of power.

Augie Beasley, Charlotte

Clinton and Pelosi should both move on

Lorraine Stark
Lorraine Stark

In response to Our View “Please, Hillary, don’t do it” (Nov.16 Editorial):

I couldn’t agree more with the Observer Editorial Board on Hillary Clinton. How many times is enough, Hillary?

Everyone knows you want to be president more than anything else on this planet. Give us all a break.

While we’re on the subject of giving it up, I hope Nancy Pelosi comes to her senses, too. Time for new blood.

Lorraine Stark, Matthews

Others who should not run in 2020

I read with great interest the Observer editorial advising Hillary Clinton not to run for the presidency in 2020. I strongly agree with you.

Also, Joe Biden, Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren can forget about it. I think the voters will respond to a fresh face.

Jim Beatty, Charlotte

Trump’s economic successes ring hollow

In response to “Trump is no ‘non-functioning adult’ ” (Nov. 18 Forum):

Mary F. Englebert
Mary Englebert

Forum writer John Petrie references a “stagnant economy” turned around by President Trump. Almost every reliable graph of economic activity proves the economy grew at a faster pace under President Obama.

Nothing has changed with regard to trade agreements except a lot of soybeans are rotting in fields and dairy farmers are worried sick.

It is true the U.S. pays substantial UN dues, but those dues per capita are reasonable for the richest nation on earth.

Finally, the deepest threats to American security appear to come in the form of angry, white males. Women and children seeking asylum from threats in their countries – fomented in many cases by the U.S. – are not dangerous criminals.

Mary Englebert, Statesville

Do more to protect kids from guns

In response to “On lockdown, student writes mom: ‘I hope that you are going to be OK with me gone’ ” (Nov. 16):

How very, very sad that a 12-year-old Charlotte student was compelled to write a heartfelt note to his mom during a school lockdown saying he hoped she’d be OK when he’s gone.

We can’t do enough to protect our precious children in these horrific days of guns and violence.

Felicia Lee, Charlotte

Right to own a gun is worth protecting

In response to “Repeal antiquated Second Amendment” (Nov. 19 Forum):

Does Forum writer Joseph Salerno really think armed criminals are going to apply for ownership or surrender their guns?

The Second Amendment is a Constitutional right enabling law-abiding citizens to protect themselves and their families from criminals with guns – and from socialist billionaire despots who would disarm them and control them.

Debby Presson, Mint Hill