Letters to the Editor

Say ‘no’ to lesser charge for Butler High shooter

Butler student should face death penalty

In response to “Charge reduced for suspect in Butler High shooting” (Nov. 20):

Jatwan Cuffie is accused of killing a human being. He knew what he was planning to do.

The new price to murder someone you know is 12 to 25 years in prison? No, to any of this.

If found guilty, he must pay the ultimate price of death as soon as possible.

If we as humans do not stop this liberal attitude on life, we will head down that road of no recovery.

Eugene Halpin, Indian Trail

Our insincerity over shootings saddens me

In response to “Chicago hospital shooting claims 3 lives; gunman also dead” (Nov. 20) and related articles:

Condolences to the families; thoughts and prayers; first responders are heroes; guns don’t kill people, people do.

Is this the best America will ever do addressing the mass shootings, domestic violence, and Saturday night shootings?

This country is broken on so many levels, but this is the one that will kill my family. Maybe it’s time for me to find a gentler, more responsible country.

Oh, wait – there is a Black Friday special on assault weapons. Gotta run.

Patrick Morgan, Charlotte

Stop bickering and give Pelosi a chance

Marita Lentz
Marita Lentz

In response to “16 Dems vow to oppose Pelosi as speaker” (Nov. 20) and related articles:

Democrats’ success in the midterm elections does not mean start bickering and trying to push Nancy Pelosi from the position of Speaker of the House. Remember, with age comes wisdom and two years is only the beginning of success.

Marita Lentz, Charlotte

GOP must not lose sight of its agenda

Keith Brittain
Keith Brittain

In response to “You might start calling me a liberal, but we Republicans need to change” (Nov. 18 Opinion):

The thrust of Tariq Bokhari’s piece is correct – that Republicans must become engaged with, and a part of, the communities they want support from. They must make clear to community members that their hopes and opinions matter.

I disagree, though, that the GOP should mimic the left’s agenda to appeal to more people.

For example, the progressive war on carbon energy is “all pain with no gain” that kills jobs, chokes innovation, and disproportionately hurts communities that Democrats claim to support.

Thus, the winning message for Republicans should be to combine engagement with a jobs and growth agenda.

Keith T. Brittain, Pineville

Let voters decide on Council terms

The Charlotte City Council wants four-year terms. This decision could initiate a 5,000-signature referendum campaign or even a special election costing $500,000.

Some Council members think we are not capable of making tough decisions, but this is a no-brainer. Let us vote. We will pay the cost either way.

But then you know what? Somehow the citizens elected all of you. Were we well educated and aware of what our vote would get us?

Miriam Martin, Charlotte

Electoral College system has its flaws

In response to “Electoral College prevents ‘mobocracy’ ” (Nov. 20 Forum):

Our democracy is highly flawed with the Electoral College in place. Every vote does not count in the presidential elections.

In a true democracy the candidate winning the majority of votes wins the election.

A dictator can also arise from the Electoral College.

Two other flaws pertaining to our democracy that need to be addressed are lobbyists buying our representatives and too many unchecked executive powers.

Hilda Howerton, Morganton

Ballot printouts would facilitate fraud

In response to “To secure vote, print out each voter’s picks” (Nov. 16 Forum):

William C. Barnes
William C. Barnes

A basic tenet of American elections is the secret ballot. Providing a receipt of your vote that someone carries out of the polling place enables the easiest and most common opportunity for election fraud – now you can reliably buy the votes of valid, registered voters.

Every vote in North Carolina is recorded on paper. In Mecklenburg, right next to the screen, is a printout of every mark, and change, you made on the ballot. This printout allows an audit for every machine. Just check it as you click the vote to verify your choice was accurately recorded.

If you want a record of the candidates you selected, write it down before you come in.

William C. Barnes, Charlotte