Letters to the Editor

Future generations have to deal with our ruined planet

Elect those who care about the planet

Three recent reports state our climate is on steroids, causing enormous human misery and costs:

1. The Trump administration projects a 7-degree temperature increase by 2100.

2. A UN scientific group predicts by 2040 that the worst effects of climate change will be upon us.

3. Nature Magazine states that the oceans are far warmer than previously thought.

Those who continue to elect politicians who support fossil fuels are complicit in worsening climate change and those politicians who continue to support fossil fuel energy will be held in contempt by future generations.

Lee Brinson, Charlotte

Banning guns is the start of fascism

In response to “Repeal antiquated Second Amendment” (Nov. 19 Forum):

When Forum writer Joseph Salerno said we as Americans must pursue the repeal of the Second Amendment he must have forgotten our past.

Two statements come to mind: “To conquer a nation, first disarm its citizens” and “If you tell a big enough lie and tell it frequently enough, it will be believed.” Both quotes are from Adolf Hitler. Congratulations Mr. Salerno, you and your gun control fanatics are taking the first steps toward fascism in America. My father and every veteran who fought in a war to protect our precious freedoms are rolling in their graves.

Let us hope the day never comes that gun control fanatics accomplish what Mr. Salerno proposes.

Joe Watts, Wadesboro

What has Trump done for America?

In response to “Bokhari giving in to progressive agenda” (Nov. 19 Forum):

Dewey Rochester
Dewey Rochester

It is puzzling what “accomplishments” Forum writer Trigg Cherry is referring to when he speaks of Trump. The economy is an extension of Obama’s administration, North Korea is still a menace and he has done nothing about China but start a trade war.

He also sent the military to multiple states costing us millions of dollars when the so-called caravan showed up primarily near California. He has disrespected the military holidays and traditions and recently denied that Saudi Arabia has anything to do with the murder of journalist Jamal Khashoggi. So what has he done that is positive and good for the country? Nothing.

Dewey Rochester, Charlotte

Not happy with terms? Run yourself

In response to “Set council term limits to 8 years” (Nov. 20 Forum):

Frank McGuirt
Frank McGuirt MLewis

Forum writer Will Whitley has written what is yet another letter calling for term limits. We have term limits, they are called elections! The reason office holders serve multiple terms is because their constituents vote!

If you don’t like them then vote against them. Better yet, run against them yourself!

Frank McGuirt, Wingate

Trump needs to respect our military

Donald Trump claims to be a big military advocate and even planned a parade to feed his ego while often criticizing President Obama’s military record.

After almost two years in office, though, he hasn’t visited the troops in Iraq or Afghanistan and didn’t visit Arlington Cemetery on Veterans Day. While in Paris to celebrate 100 years of the end of WWI, he failed to even visit the American graves.

Obama visited the troops in Iraq after only three months in office during his first term. He also visited Arlington Cemetery every Veterans Day while in office. That’s a leader.

Ken Holder, Mooresville

Make sure to check all your facts

In response to “Trump’s economic successes ring hollow” (Nov. 21 Forum):

Tom Spencer
Tom Spencer

Not sure where Forum writer Mary Englebert is getting her economic data, but to claim that “almost every reliable graph of economic activity proves the economy grew at a faster pace under President Obama” is surprising to say the least.

From 2009-2016 under President Obama, real GDP grew at annual rate of 1.53 percent. Under President Trump, real GDP grew by 2.3 percent in 2017 and averaged 3.3 percent through three quarters of 2018. It is disappointing when facts get in the way.

Tom Spencer, Waxhaw

Our economy is ruined for the future

Why do so many people think we have a booming economy? Trump supporters like to tout his achievements in the economy, but they forget much of it is on borrowed money.

Our national debt can’t be ignored forever. One day, our kids will have to pay for our country’s current binging that our current generation has caused.

Roger Baumgarte, Charlotte