Letters to the Editor

Why was it OK for Obama to tear gas immigrants?

Obama did the exact same thing as Trump

Let’s acknowledge that the Obama administration fired tear gas on migrants at border crossings monthly during the later years of his presidency. Why wasn’t it inhumane when President Obama authorized tear gas to be used on immigrants as well?

Americans believe in immigration but also in laws and fairness. It is not fair for Latin American immigrants to be given preference over immigrants from Africa or Southeast Asia. A large number of Americans believe that a border wall is the best way to ensure Latin American immigrants follow the same immigration process and laws that apply to the rest of the world.

Bruce Moline, Charlotte

It is time to finally protect our borders

It is crucial now and for the future that the U.S. protects its borders. Without the U.S. strongly showing that its borders are not to be crossed illegally, immigrants will likely choose to keep coming to the U.S.

Yes, immigrants improve the U.S. culturally and economically when crossing legally at controlled numbers. Yet, when crossing illegally, immigrants can become a threat to the country’s security and economy.

Although tear gas isn’t a reasonable solution for preventing border crossings, this action has clearly told immigrants that the U.S. won’t allow illegal immigration.

Thomas Shirley, York, SC

Now to upgrade other NC roadways

Now that the Monroe Expressway is open to traffic, it’s time to accelerate freeway upgrades to U.S. 74 across eastern Union and Anson counties, including bypasses of Marshville and Wadesboro. After all, high-speed eastbound traffic along the expressway is forced to slow to 35 mph where it ties back onto the original U.S. 74 near Marshville before being funneled through the heart of the town and its half-dozen traffic lights.

Similar conditions exist along the corridor in Wadesboro. U.S. 74 connects our state’s largest city with its largest port and it also serves as the backbone of the transportation system in the seven counties in which it passes along the way. Upgrading the entire corridor as a freeway is long overdue.

Tracy M. Hamm, Charlotte

We can’t wait with climate change

In response to “4 concrete ways NC R’s and D’s can work together” (Nov. 23):

I agree with Wake County Sen. Jay Chaudhuri that legislators must find common ground now to work together, in a bipartisan fashion, to expand Medicaid, prioritize teacher pay, provide 21st century job training and pass a timely, accountable budget. He failed to mention though that they must also partner to solve climate change!

The most recent report led by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration and the UNC climate assessment report shows that climate change will affect life for rural and urban people in the Carolinas and nation.

We can no longer afford partisanship or complacency to delay setting a price on carbon emissions and their equivalents. Our planet is running on steroids and we’re running out of time.

Christy Kluesner, Charlotte

Education will stop 2018 Nazi imagery

In response to “Wisconsin school district plans program on Nazi salute image” (Nov. 14):

While it’s been claimed that the boys did not know what they were doing when performing the Nazi salute, it is apparent that one young man did and refused to raise his arm.

Whether the photograph was taken in error or intended as a not very funny attempt to be humorous, this image will follow these young men for years.

As for the parent who took the photo, his explanation of it being “waving goodbye” seems more than a bit clueless. Why did he post it on his professional photography website and then after the outrage that followed, remove it?

We must do better to educate our children about the horrors of past wars. After all, if we do not learn from history, we are, unfortunately, doomed to repeat it.

Karin Kemp, Matthews

It’s not greed it’s lack of American interest

In response to “GM fired their workers out of greed” (Nov. 27 Forum)

LeAnn Swieczkowski
LeAnn Swieczkowski

Forum writer Alan Singerman blames GM’s CEO Mary Barra’s greed for the announced layoffs and plant closings. I know a little something about this subject being from Detroit.

My mother worked at the Hamtramck plant, my brother retired from GM, my grandfather from Chrysler and my nephew works for Ford. I sold Chevrolets for two years and had to change jobs in 1980 when sales slumped because of a downward market. Lack of sales drives layoffs, not greed. Americans could change these layoff trends by buying traditionally produced American cars. The question I have for you, Mr. Singerman, is what’s in your garage? Mine has GM and Ford products.

LeAnn M. Swieczkowski, Charlotte