Letters to the Editor

Voter ID disenfranchises unaffiliated, Democratic voters

Requiring voter ID is just plain wrong

David Loughran 2017
David Loughran

In response to “How to make voter ID less than awful” (Nov. 26 Editorial):

Being allowed to vote if, and only if, you possess a government issued and approved document is wrong. It doesn’t matter what you do to make it less wrong. It’s wrong.

Even if 100 percent of the voters agreed to the amendment that still doesn’t make it right.

The Republicans know that this affront will make it easier for them to elect members of their party because it disenfranchises unaffiliated and Democratic voters.

David Loughran, Indian Trail

Asylum seekers? That’s not what I see

In response to “Law states we must accept immigrants” (Nov. 28 Forum):

Can immigrants throwing rocks and bottles actually be considered asylum seekers?

And when did we become a Christian nation? We are, in fact, a Christian, Jewish, Muslim, atheist, etc. nation. If Forum writer Jennifer Owen represents “we the people,” I am very discouraged. Please leave me out.

Jim Silvus, Indian Trail

It’d be a mistake to get rid of Pelosi

“Too controversial” and “too much baggage” to run again? Are we talking about Mitch McConnell, Paul Ryan, or Donald Trump? Nope. We’re talking about dumping Nancy Pelosi, who helped push through the Affordable Care Act, Dodd-Frank, and Lilly Ledbetter, among other legislation that actually helped improve the lives of our citizens.

Does the cry for new faces or new blood justify the election of the Donald Trumps of the world? Are we unable to distinguish competence from incompetence? Doesn’t experience mean anything anymore?

Stephen Mayor, Fort Mill

Bill offers global warming solution

During Thanksgiving, the White House released a report compiled by government agencies about the harmful effects of climate change and how much it will cost.

Wednesday, a bipartisan bill was introduced in the House that is a solution to global warming.

Under the Energy Innovation and Carbon Dividend Act greenhouse gas emissions would be reduced by placing a fee on fossil fuels, while the fee money is distributed to all households as a monthly dividend.

The fee starts gently, only $15 per metric ton of CO2, but rises smartly by $10 per year. In four years coal is priced out and renewable energy is clearly cheaper.

Richard Greene, Charlotte

Grateful for the fine job Spellings did

Ray Brayboy

In response to “Spellings reflects on UNC accomplishments, board oversight and political passions” (Nov. 28):

Having served as superintendent for three public school districts, I have much empathy, respect and gratitude for outgoing UNC system President Margaret Spellings.

In spite of recently being both attacked and shackled by a largely overbearing Board of Governors, she demonstrated an unwavering resolve to bring laser focus and visionary leadership to bear in furthering the cause of public higher education programming.

I am so grateful that Spellings chose to share her substantial skills, knowledge and abilities in helping to enhance my alma mater. Thank you for a job well done.

Ray Brayboy, Myrtle Beach

Now make beach route shorter, safer

Jim Walker
Jim Walker

In response to “Now to upgrade other NC roadways” (Nov. 29 Forum):

Forum writer Tracy Hamm’s urging that U.S. 74 east of the Monroe Expressway be upgraded is an excellent suggestion.

It will now be much easier to travel east with the new Monroe Expressway, but Hamm’s proposals would make the journey to the NC coast noticeably faster and safer.

U.S. 74 is a strategic east/west corridor for our state. The same holds true for U.S. 74 from the airport into Gaston County to the west.

Jim Walker, Charlotte

Story of WWII vets was heart-warming

I was heartened to read about the French consul general presenting the Legion of Honor medal to several WWII veterans. ( ‘You will be our heroes forever’: France honors 6 NC veterans of WWII,” Nov. 29)

These heroes deserve every honor bestowed on them as we really cannot fully understand the hardships they went through.

I always regretted not spending more time with my father discussing his WWII experiences, but he was always reluctant to open up fully about it. He just wanted to get on with his life and provide a better life for his family, as I’m sure these veterans did.

I salute all WWII veterans. I’m always happy to read about these events when published. We need more of them.

Michael Williamson, Charlotte