Letters to the Editor

Trump administration needs to embrace renewable energy

Oil isn’t the future of energy in America

The Trump administration officially approved permits for seismic testing, which is the first step in drilling for oil off the NC coast. Let us not forget that Sens. Thom Tillis and Richard Burr both support this drilling, which could potentially devastate our pristine beaches.

With mounting evidence that climate change is upon us and stronger, more frequent hurricanes walloping Eastern NC, one has to ask, do we really need more oil, or should we be investing in other non-fossil fuels as future sources of energy? Meanwhile, Sens. Tillis and Burr continue accepting large oil and gas energy company contributions to fuel their political ambitions.

Bill Anderson,Charlotte

Bring death tolls to the forefront

In response to “Publish running tally on mass shootings” (Nov. 30 Forum):

Gary Caton
Gary Caton

I agree with Forum writer Ron Winski that it may not be a bad idea to publish the death toll from mass shootings, but at the same time publish the death tolls of DWI, drug overdose, gang murders and domestic violence cases.

I do not believe that anyone is insincere or has become numb about death in any form. I believe the issue is how we perceive the proper action that needs to be taken. Punishing law-abiding citizens does not seem like a valid solution to stop crime. There are numerous laws on the books that are not enforced and making more laws does not seem like a sound policy, at least not until the current laws are enforced and we get to see the result.

Gary Caton, Stanley

Politicians only care about themselves

Howard Honeycutt
Howard Honeycutt

Voters think our politicians work hard to improve America. While some actually do this, others care only about the next election.

For example, the Democrats, still smarting from losing the 2016 elections and the successes President Trump is having, now with control of the House, currently have 52 investigations into the president’s finances, Russian interference, administration ethics scandals, Trump’s tax returns and much more all designed to obstruct Trump and to get him out in 2020.

I do not think this is what the voters had in mind when thinking our government would work to improve America.

Howard Honeycutt, Charlotte

Innocent? They attacked our border!

In response to “Stand up to Trump on immigration” (Dec. 1 Forum):

Those “innocent people” that Forum writer Gail Chauncey talks about are not so innocent. They stormed a fence and threw glass bottles and rocks at American personnel guarding it. If they were so innocent, why didn’t they wait in line at the border gate, apply for entry and wait their turn? The answer is they were trying to force their way into our country.

Would you allow someone to force their way into your home? No, you would expect them to wait until they were invited. For those berating President Trump for protecting our borders, how many of you are willing to invite these folks into your own homes? Think about it!

Cindy Gee, Mooresville

Can we stop with the border issues yet?

Three past administrations (Clinton, Bush and Obama) had kicked this can down the road. They had stated in their speeches to Congress and to all of America that we remain a nation of laws and the immigration process should continuously follow the law in place. Now we have President Trump who is really trying to address this once and for all.

Perhaps you disagree with how some migrants are treated as they illegally try to enter the US but most, if not all, are aware we have laws in place. Congress should work hard in December to enact new immigration reform, provide for a border wall with Mexico and pass legislation to protect the nearly 700,000 DACA individuals who are here.

Get this done, move on to other issues and work together to stop the madness!

Blair Plyler, Charlotte

Cam Newton is the big problem here

In response to “Carolina Panthers suffer the sort of loss to Bucs that calls everything into question” (Dec. 3):

When are the Carolina Panthers going to finally realize that Cam Newton will never get them a Super Bowl win?

Just look at him on the side lines during the game when he hides under a towel. Do you think Peyton Manning would hide under a towel? Yeah, he does a lot for the community but so do other quarterbacks in the league who also happen to have won Super Bowl rings already.

Newton was a one hit wonder in college, and the Panthers hung their hopes on him. What a huge mistake.

Albert W. Grassley, Fairhope, Ala.