Letters to the Editor

President Trump needs to run an ethical administration

Investigating Trump is the right call

In response to “Politicians only care about themselves” (Dec. 4 Forum):

Multiple investigations, specifically those into Russian interference and administration ethics scandals, are working toward improving America. The majority of citizens would agree they don’t want their president colluding with foreign governments or having one interfere with our elections.

However, the investigations are also benefiting America by confirming the president runs an ethical administration. With the campaign hush money paid to Stephanie Clifford (aka Stormy Daniels), questions are bound to arise about the ethics of Trump’s administration even more now.

All I want is for our president to run an ethical administration.

Jacob T. Lucas, Waxhaw

Immigrants will overburden us

In response to “We are all immigrants in the US” (Dec. 5 Forum):

Forum writer Larry Vogt seems to justify the actions of those attempting to illegally invade our country since they were acting against our “heavily armed” service members. This is a blatant attack on the men and women who’ve volunteered to defend our nation against all enemies, foreign and domestic.

If we continue to allow people to enter our country illegally and then let them stay, is it any wonder why they want to attack our border to come here? Contrary to Mr. Vogt’s opinion, we do own this country and our government has no greater duty than making sure that those who are allowed to enter it present no danger to its citizens and will add to its economy rather than being a financial drain to an already overburdened system.

Lou Lagana, Mt. Gilead

Mark Harris will handle this honestly

In response to “Hold a new election in NC’s tainted 9th District” (Dec. 5 Opinion):

This controversy over the 9th District election is reminiscent of a Texas Senate election in 1948 when Lyndon Johnson went over the top by 87 votes out of 1 million after his opponent had already won by 854 votes. That earned Johnson the long-time nickname “Landslide Lyndon.” Mysterious additional ballots had been discovered in Alice, Texas, after the polls closed.

I have no doubt that Pastor Mark Harris, a man of God, will not wish to suffer the same fate. I’m sure he will be among those leading the charge to promote another election that is fair and honest by all reasonable standards.

Richard A. Klein, Matthews

Harris should give McCready the win

Candidate Mark Harris either knew what was going on down east in his primary and general election campaign or he should have known what was going on.

Now, Harris has a choice. He can continue the “do as I say, not as I do” hypocrisy of the Republican Party, or he can publicly repent, ask forgiveness and petition the state Board of Elections to award the 9th Congressional seat to Dan McCready.

This would work wonders for his party and go a long way to redeeming faith in our elections, much less sparing the 9th District another divisive campaign and saving the taxpayers the associated expense.

We the people deserve fair and timely representation in Congress effective immediately.

David Lewis, Charlotte

Replace Silent Sam with something new

In response to “UNC shouldn’t build a shrine for Silent Sam” (Dec. 4 Opinion):

My simple solution to the Silent Sam controversy is to melt the statue down and recast it as a new statue which is reflective of racial harmony and justice.

Put it in the same location and future generations can talk about how UNC decided to place importance on respecting the dignity of all of its citizens.

Jameson Wells, Charlotte

What is the problem with Cam Newton?

In response to “Cam Newton is the big problem here” (Dec. 4 Forum):

Carol Shubkin
Carol Shubkin

Forum writer Albert W. Grassley sounds like he has a personal problem with Cam Newton. Could it be because Cam won a championship for Auburn and also won the Heisman Trophy? Don’t forget that, although we lost, Cam did take us to Super Bowl 50 but, after all, we were up against Peyton Manning who is a sure bet for the Hall of Fame.

When was the last time Cam “hid under a towel”? Oh yes, that was around 2012 – about six years ago.

My question, Mr. Grassley, is what team have you been watching? He’s almost 30 now, the father of four, a very hard worker and long since grown into a fine man. Whatever your problem is with Cam, I suggest you just get over it.

Carol Shubkin, Charlotte