Letters to the Editor

Build a museum for Silent Sam? I like that idea.

I’m OK with UNC’s Silent Sam plan

In response to Our View “UNC shouldn’t build a shrine for Silent Sam” (Dec.4 Editorial):

Bill Goodnow
Bill Goodnow

That new building UNC wants to build is a $5.3 million university history center with an $800,000 security system designed to protect its inventory and hopefully keep vandals out.

Your editorial called it a “shrine.” Call it what it is: It’s a history museum that N.C. taxpayers are paying for to house items and educate those who choose to go into it.

I am one of those N.C. taxpayers, and if I have a reason to go to Chapel Hill I’ll make sure I go visit the museum that I helped build.

Bill Goodnow, Mooresville

Conduct new election in 9th District by mail

Malyn Pratt
Malyn Pratt

In response to Our View “Hold a new election in the tainted 9th” (Dec. 6 Editorial):

I agree with Thursday’s editorial that a new election should be held in the 9th Congressional District. I suggest that the new election should be done completely by mail.

This would remove the need for absentee ballots and would make it easier for many people to vote.

In addition, it would likely improve voter turnout, which is notoriously low for special elections.

It may also cost less than a traditional election.

Malyn Pratt, Charlotte

Dunlap was wrong choice as board chair

Paul Jones
Paul Jones Picasa

In response to “Mecklenburg commissioners pick Dunlap, Powell as new leaders” (Dec. 4):

Demonstrating their independence, newly elected members of the Mecklenburg County Board of Commissioners voted for a chairperson who does not represent the majority of voters and has a track record as someone who lacks reasoned leadership skills – unless an “in your face” attitude counts for good leadership.

Apparently, commissioner Pat Cotham, elected at-large by all voters, is the only commissioner with courage to vote her conscience – versus the other eight who elected a train-wreck in the making.

Paul Jones, Charlotte

Grateful for some balance on voter ID

Terry Haines
Terry Haines

In response to Joel Ford “I’m a black Democrat and I backed GOP’s voter ID bill” (Dec. 6 Opinion):

Thank you, Joel Ford, for your thoughtful op-ed column.

For the first time, I believe I understand the various key items to be balanced on this issue. It is unfortunately a far cry from the divisive partisan rhetoric we often are presented with.

Thank you for your service to our state.

Terry Haines, Charlotte

Sen. Tillis, help small businesses like mine

With the economy finally recovering, I don’t want to go into a tailspin again. The Health Insurance Tax (HIT) will cause small businesses to struggle, so Congress needs to delay it before this session is out.

Unless the HIT is suspended, small businesses will likely have to offer plans with unimaginably high deductibles, cut employees or shut down.

If enough businesses do that, we’ll go right back to high unemployment and another recession, and that’s not fair to anyone.

It’s also not right that large corporations get breaks while small businesses like my flower shop get the HIT. We’re all just trying to make a living and provide benefits to our employees.

Sen. Thom Tillis needs to vote to delay the HIT for 2020.

Tammy Barton, Matthews

Charlotte will become a sanctuary city

In response to “Sheriff stops ICE program that led to deportations” (Dec. 6):

I guess the next thing the Mecklenburg County sheriff will do is turn Charlotte into a sanctuary city.

How does our city elect someone like this? If this is the best Charlotte can do for a sheriff, we are in sad shape.

Cliff Passons, Charlotte

Bush vs. self-serving former presidents

In response to Keith Larson “No comparison between Bush and you-know-who” (Dec. 5 Opinion):

I, too, was struck by the comparison between President George H.W. Bush and you know who. But, I was also struck by the comparison between a truly great man who served with great distinction and the two egotistic, narcissistic, self-serving former presidents sitting in the pews.

Mike Toma, Cornelius

Perot, Nader, Gore, and wishful thinking

How different the country might be if Ross Perot or Ralph Nader or Al Gore had been elected. I can dream, can’t I?

Jean Coble, Charlotte