Letters to the Editor

Harris is responsible for what goes on in his campaign

What Dowless did rests with Harris

In response to “At center of voter fraud scandal, a convicted felon” (Dec. 4) and related articles:

Roger Barbee
Roger Barbee

Mark Harris’s top strategist, Andy Yates, explains McCrae Dowless’ actions as “He was an independent contractor who worked on grassroots for the campaign, independent of the campaign ... as he’s done for a number of campaigns over the years.”

Yates’ use of “who worked” and “for the campaign” show that Dowless was paid by the Harris campaign, and Harris is responsible for what goes on in his campaign.

It matters not that Dowless is a convicted felon or that he was contracted to perform a function for Harris. What matters is that he was paid to work on the Harris campaign.

Yates is free to use all the Orwellian language he wishes, but whatever Dowless did rests in the lap of Harris.

Roger Barbee, Mooresville

Certify the election and let’s move on

It sounds like Bladen County is an equal opportunity voter fraud county with Democrats and Republicans involved in dirty politics for decades.

So why is it an issue now when it has been going on before? Because Democrats see one more opportunity to steal another seat in the U.S. House of Representative after election day.

I say certify the election and move on. After all, Democrats insist there is no voter fraud whenever the issue of voter ID is discussed.

Thomas Smith, Huntersville

Amused by claims of ‘They did it too!’

In response to “Republicans want Democrats to be investigated, too” (Dec. 7):

The ongoing investigation of the 9th Congressional District reminds me of two siblings. When one sibling gets into trouble, what is the first word out of his/her mouth? The other sibling’s name.

Jack Bennett, Mooresville

Clyburn too quick to condemn Harris

In response to “ ‘Run everything over’: A top House Democrat calls for new election” (Dec. 7):

Rep. James Clyburn, as the son of a minister you should be ashamed of yourself. You have named Rev. Mark Harris guilty before anything has been determined.

As an African-American woman, I call on you to hold your comments until this thing is settled.

Bladen County was a friend of Democrats in the 2016 race for governor and you were silent. Now that it does not benefit our party, you want to call a man guilty before there is a proper investigation.

Shame on you!

C. H. Hendricks, Charlotte

How gullible does Ford think I am?

Gary Johnson Charlotte
Gary Johnson

In response to Joel Ford “I’m a black Democrat and I backed GOP’s voter ID bill” (Dec. 6 Opinion):

Just how gullible does N.C. Sen. Joel Ford think the public is? We all saw his TV ads for Jeff Tarte, Republican extraordinaire.

Does he think the public will take anything he writes to be authentic?

Gary Johnson, Charlotte

Sheriff’s actions should be no surprise

In response to “Charlotte will become a sanctuary city” (Dec. 7 Forum):

Is this the best Charlotte can do for sheriff, you ask?

The new sheriff campaigned on stopping the ICE program. I don’t agree with him and I voted against him because of it. I don’t want a sanctuary for Charlotte.

That said, the voters have spoken and like it or not he is the new sheriff. He is doing what he said he would, just like Trump is doing. So don’t hate the man for doing it.

Pay attention.

Harvey Fisher, Charlotte

On immigration, seek middle ground

Since our immigration issues have been sold on fear, it might be good to step back and consider some recent history.

One morning last January, a bipartisan agreement was reached between Sens. Lindsey Graham and Dick Durbin and the president addressing Dreamers and wall funding. By the afternoon, this agreement had been unwound by some more strident voices in the president’s ear.

Further, Obama’s DACA action came after the House refused to consider a judicious Senate bill pushed through by eight bipartisan senators, including Marco Rubio and John McCain.

Bipartisan solutions are available if people can get beyond the fear mongering and tell the more strident voices to cool their jets.

Keith Wilson, Charlotte

No postal delivery? What nonsense.

Neither snow nor rain nor sleet nor hail will stay these mighty couriers from there appointed rounds. Unless an ex-president dies. Then they get a day off with pay.

Don Reiner, Mt. Holly