Letters to the Editor

ICE pushes fear instead of facts

ICE pushes fear and bogus claims

In response to “ICE blasts new sheriff for ending program” (Dec. 8):

Our immigration system is broken. Our politicians appear to be incapable of finding a solution.

Michael Littlejohn Jr.
Michael Littlejohn Jr.

Deporting a hardworking father who drives without a license because he is undocumented is cruel and not a solution to any problem. If ICE had proven that its 287(g) program was making us safer and helping our immigration problem, I might feel differently. But it hasn’t and ICE only pushes fear instead of facts.

ICE’s claim that Mecklenburg Sheriff Garry McFadden’s decision “is an open invitation to aliens who commit criminal offenses” is simply false.

Over 90 percent of counties in this country don’t work with ICE. Reasonable minds would wonder why those places aren’t rushing to sign up with ICE. Maybe it’s because ICE’s claims are bogus.

Michael Littlejohn Jr., Charlotte

If it takes a shutdown, I’m OK with that

In response to “Trump vows to shut down government if border wall unfunded” (Dec. 12):

Jim Cherry
Jim Cherry

Millions all over the world want to come to America, but there is a legal way – not storming our borders.

Many conservatives feel we will lose our country if this isn’t stopped, and Donald Trump has the fight and grit to shut down the government or whatever it takes to stop this madness.

Jim Cherry, Charlotte

Trump’s actions show he’s anti-immigration

In response to “Be clear; Trump isn’t ‘anti-immigration’ ” (Dec. 14 Forum):

Forum writer Peter McLean is either being disingenuous or ignores the latest immigration news.

President Trump is trying to deport Vietnamese refugees who came here to escape Communist retaliation after the war.

The president is also researching ways to de-naturalize citizens who have been here for decades so they can be deported.

It’s obvious what Trump is trying to do and it goes against everything America used to stand for.

Timothy Weeks, Fort Mill

Seek bipartisan fix on immigration

In response to “Trump threw a tantrum over a wall” (Dec. 13 Forum):

Kenneth Kyzer
Kenneth Kyzer

I disagree with Forum writer Henry Greene’s assessment. What President Trump did is no different than the Democratic leadership saying it would partially fund the wall in return for Trump’s support on DACA.

In any event, both sides are acting like small brats on a school playground. We’d all be better off if both sides would settle down and do their jobs instead of attacking each other.

Kenneth Kyzer, Charlotte

It boils down to integrity in 9th

It appears we may have a re-do in the 9th Congressional District.

For me, it’s more a question of judgment than policy or politics.

One candidate served our country in the military and the other was a minister. On the surface both are fine men, but one showed a serious lack of judgment when selecting people to work on his campaign.

It’s interesting that we see the same story playing out in the White House.

The question I have is do you want to have a representative (or president) who associates with people of questionable integrity?

I know where I stand. Do you?

Jack Matthews, Charlotte

Trump picks make swamp more murky

If Rex Tillerson were dumb and lazy, why was he chosen as secretary of state?

President Trump was forewarned about Michael Flynn’s exposure to blackmail.

Paul Manafort’s problems were also known but apparently ignored.

Obviously vetting of Trump administration nominees was and is extremely lax, as well as the Republicans’ vetting of Trump himself.

Many cabinet secretaries are/were not qualified for their jobs. Trump said he would have the very best people.

One wonders how many potential nominees weren’t interested in being associated with him.

Trump’s not draining the swamp, he’s making it deeper and more murky.

Scott Clifford, Charlotte

Uptown traffic woes will only get worse

For years we have heard complaints from people and officials about the long, time-consuming commutes to uptown – traffic backed up for miles in all directions.

Most people cannot afford to live close to uptown due to the cost of housing. So what do we see but more office towers being built in the city.

Those hundreds, if not thousands, of workers will just be adding to the traffic problems.

Somehow this does not make sense to me.

Dick Meyer, Charlotte