Letters to the Editor

Fund the border wall, then fix the immigration system

Fix immigration, but first fund the wall

Dennis Gosney James Dockery

Build the wall! Congress should appropriate the funds. Congress should fix the immigration system. Congress should do what they were elected to do. And in the meantime: Build the wall!

Dennis Gosney, Waxhaw

A monument to Trump’s ego

I recognize that President Trump wants a wall built with his name on it. I remember that he promised to improve the infrastructure. In lieu of fixing the bridges, dams, and the Eisenhower Interstate, his ego wants the wall.

If Trump earns a monument, wait until he passes, as was done with President Washington, etc.

Steve Katzman, Troutman

US citizens deserve border protection

The current costs of patrolling the border would be greatly reduced with President Trump’s wall or some semblance that stops the border from being a magnet for those who would not qualify to be let in legally.

Bill Kniegge
Bill Kniegge

Stop the politics. American citizens deserve border protection from anyone or anything that shouldn’t be here, especially if it sucks away our hard-earned dollars. This is a time when Americans should come first!

Bill Kniegge, Charlotte

Don’t stop at Pelosi; limit more terms

In response to “Pelosi strikes a deal to limit speaker term” (Dec. 13):

Jonathan Hoin
Jonathan Hoin

So, Nancy Pelosi is so greedy to regain the power vested in being Speaker of the House that she’s willing to put a term limit on herself.

Since she brought up term limits, let’s take it a step further: Amend the Constitution to include 12-year term limits for both the House and Senate. If eight years is enough for president, 12 is more than enough for each house of Congress.

We desperately need to get rid of these career politicians in Washington.

Jonathan Hoin, Charlotte

Blame for Trump turmoil lies with GOP

It wouldn’t be necessary for congressional Democrats to have so many investigations into the Trump administration lined up if the Republican-controlled Congress had faithfully executed its responsibility as an equal branch of government and as a check on the presidency.

Instead, unethical behavior, conflicts of interest, and lies told to the American people by the Trump administration were swept under the rug.

This presidency is rotting from within and come January the first order of business should be to drain the Trump swamp!

Barry Jordan, Charlotte

Raise minimum wage to help working poor

In response to “I side with landlords over certain tenants” (Dec. 11 Forum):

It’s estimated that tens of thousands of Charlotte’s full-time workers live below the poverty line and can’t make ends meet.

Forum writer Charles Ryder is right to advocate job training, but are there 50,000 or so higher paying jobs available for those who might get trained? And who will do the work they are doing now? And what about those who can’t work full time because they must care for their kids, parents or sick relatives?

Here’s a thought: Let’s increase the minimum wage so working people can pay their rent and feed their families without government help.

And let’s be smart about the help we provide: health care, child care, and long-term care for our citizens so people who want to work can.

Terry Neal, Mooresville

Dole’s tribute, NFL protests? Not alike.

In response to “Doesn’t get more patriotic then Dole” (Dec. 13 Forum):

Like Forum writer Floyd Prophet, I was also moved by Bob Dole’s salute at the funeral of President George H.W. Bush. But Prophet’s reference and comparison of this tribute to our former president is an entirely different issue than that of professional athletes kneeling in protest of racial injustice during our national anthem. Does it make you feel superior to wrap yourself in the flag?

Joy Dean, Cornelius

My holiday isn’t merry in divided US

Normally, this is a festive, mirthful time of the year for me. Not so much this year because I fear for our country’s sovereignty and our many freedoms as a free-market, democratic republic.

The lure of free health care, education, food, and housing is just too inviting for some to turn down. The problem is we all know nothing is free. Somebody has to pay.

Only once before in our history have we been this far apart, this divided on our vision for America. Hopefully we can find resolve before things go too far. Merry Christmas.

Dickie Benzie, Charlotte