Letters to the Editor

Trump’s wall is not the same as communist East Berlin’s

Trump’s wall differs from Berlin’s

In response to “Trump’s wall will be the same as Berlin” (Dec. 18 Forum):

I had a good laugh when Forum writer Michael O’Sullivan compared the wall President Trump wants to build along our southern border with the Berlin Wall. The Berlin Wall wasn’t built to keep people out, it was built to keep people from leaving communist-controlled East Berlin.

No one in West Berlin was trying to illegally cross into East Berlin to live. The people of West Berlin continually assisted East Berliners in escaping their communist controlled, failing state.

A better comparison would be with Israel’s border wall. It was built to keep illegal invaders out, reduce crime and terrorism and control the border crossings. The Berlin Wall and Trump’s wall are two very different things.

Mike Vee, Concord

Can we fix our nation before the wall?

In response to “Other nations’ walls have been effective” (Dec. 18 Forum):

People seem to want to build this wall. It has been pointed out numerous times that it is expensive and won’t do the job it’s intended to do. Tunnels, drones, ladders and boats make it that way.

A good majority of the country does not want to spend our tax money on this foolishness. If you want a wall built to honor your president then I suggest you send your own dollars to one of his charities.

Otherwise, let’s use the tax money for something important and useful like improving our roads and bridges like they promised but haven’t done yet.

David E. Hawk, Rock Hill

We can delay the election for truth

Bob Kirby
Bob Kirby

Given that the NC GOP has made NC a recognized national leader in the suppression of democracy, every effort by the opposition must be made to overcome the GOP’s call to certify the “election” of Mark Harris.

It is clear that the numbers of votes in discrepancy could result in a change in the outcome of the vote count, which could prove that the voters don’t want Mark Harris or the NC GOP to continue the tyrannical rule of dishonesty and deception that has characterized NC politics for so many years now.

The state and the country will not suffer from a delay in certifying the election. Rather, it will benefit from knowing the truth.

Bob Kirby, Charlotte

Companies go where money can be made

In response to “Do something about city’s food deserts” (Dec. 14 Forum):

The reason that Publix will build a store within 1.5 miles of Whole Foods, Earth Fare and Harris Teeter is simple: Publix is a business whose objective is to make money; the same as the other food chains mentioned.

As such, these businesses have only limited resources to acquire or build stores so stores locate in neighborhoods where there is a demand for their products and services. If there was a demand for their products and services in the “food deserts” cited by Forum writer Marcia Lampert, the chains would locate there instead.

This is Business 101, and should be a required course for all high school and college graduates so that they may understand how the economy functions.

Stephen V. Gilmore, Charlotte

Great idea but would have some issues

In response to “An idea for the homeless problem” (Dec. 13 Forum):

I read with interest the Forum letter from Zach Willhite advocating for a homeless shelter with studio apartments. That initially sounds like a fresh and good idea.

However, I feel that Charlotte would go through some challenges if this were to occur. If we set up better facilities for the homeless, Charlotte could become flooded with homeless people trying to get a free handout and not follow through with the message of this new program.

I am not advocating unkindness, but when a free ride is offered, many take advantage and provide nothing in return. I like the program idea, though, where drug testing and job training could be used as payment for their new homes.

It sounds like it would also work at our border, but once the people are here how do make them follow the rules?

Peter Snyder, Charlotte

Keep athletes out of the conversation

In response to “Doesn’t get more patriotic than Dole” (Dec. 13 Forum):

I respectfully agree with Forum writer Floyd Prophet’s admiration of Sen. Bob Dole’s tribute to President George H.W. Bush. It was an amazing image and sign of patriotism.

What is hard to understand though is his out of place comment about athletes kneeling in protest. What does the one have to do with the other? Why the need for the inflammatory statement? Let us just remember this amazing moment without having to drag others down with it.

Sara Doty, Charlotte