Letters to the Editor

The Statue of Liberty can’t stay if the wall is built

Lady Liberty and the wall cannot coexist

President Trump and his supporters on immigration issues seem to be adamant that the principles celebrated by the Statue of Liberty are no longer appropriate for the United States in the 21st century. Rather, they say the exclusion of as many foreigners as possible should be the policy of this country.

Therefore, it should be mandatory that any appropriation for the border wall include a requirement that, prior to building the wall, the Statue of Liberty be dismantled and relocated to a place less prominent but where those who support the history of what it symbolized can still view it.

The Statue of Liberty and the border wall are diametrically opposite symbols of the immigration policy, and the soul, of the United States of America. They cannot both stand concurrently.

Michael Warner, Charlotte

Let’s learn from the Flynn situation

In response to “Judge delays Flynn sentencing, ‘not hiding disgust’ at crime” (Dec. 18):

Ed Hinson
Ed Hinson

The controversy swirling about whether the FBI tricked Michael Flynn by not warning him that it is a crime to lie to them is a teachable moment, particularly for the political classes.

Here’s the rule: Lying may be fine when you are tweeting, running political ads or talking to certain news outlets, but lying to the FBI during an investigation is a crime. This is why Bill Clinton got away with saying on TV that he never had sex with that woman and Giuliani will never let Trump answer the FBI’s questions.

Ed Hinson, Charlotte

Mark Harris winning doesn’t matter

Shouldn’t someone, anyone, point out to North Carolina’s GOP leadership that seating Mark Harris will make not one iota of difference to the Republican agenda?

Democrats have a strong majority in the House, so his attendance is not critical to anything other than Republicans being able to once again subvert democracy in our state. They should let the investigation and hearings play out, but it seems they are determined to let nothing (including the voters’ preferences) get in their way.

Mary Englebert, Statesville

We need to act against road deaths

In response to “Charlotte sets tragic milestone as 28th pedestrian hit by a car dies” (Dec. 14):

Kris Solow
Kris Solow

The higher number of cars on roads is certainly a contributing factor to the increased number of pedestrian deaths. Drivers get frustrated, make poor decisions, are distracted with phones or maybe even intoxicated.

Pedestrians may not be paying attention though; having their heads down looking at mobile devices or maybe inebriated as well. Couple this with a person wearing dark clothes on a low lit street, possibly crossing mid-block, and you have a recipe for disaster.

The City and DMV could reduce these fatalities with education, billboard campaigns and public service announcements urging drivers and pedestrians to obey traffic rules, make eye contact with each other, stay off devices and not be drinking. Pedestrians should wear light/reflective clothing at night and concentrate on staying alive!

Kris Solow, Charlotte

Honestly, Cam needs a replacement

Let’s be honest. Cam Newton is an inconsistent quarterback with limited leadership qualities and awareness during the game. This has been going on for years along with his lack of study when he is on the bench and improving his technique during the off season. The Carolina Panthers will never win consistently with him at the quarterback position.

The Panthers need a consistent quarterback to lead this team. It is understood that he has a sore shoulder but he is supposed to be a professional athlete who can overcome and adapt to his physical situation. Any other starting quarterback in the league would have the Panthers in the playoffs. Without Christian McCaffrey and Luke Kuechly, we would not have won a game.

Hank Federal, Matthews

Cam is hurt, give him a break!

Lin Robinson
Lin Robinson

I am tired of reading and hearing what the Cam Newton “bashers” have to say. Cam is injured. Rotator cuff injuries are painful and debilitating. I know from personal experience.

The Panthers have almost no chance to get to the playoffs. Yet the consensus seemed, until recently, that Cam would play the next two games. It was the right call to bench Cam for the rest of the season with it basically being a loss at this point. Let him begin the recovery from the injury that has troubled him all year. Put in Taylor Heinicke at QB to get some real time experience and let Cam rest.

Lin Robinson, Shelby