Letters to the Editor

If 9th District seat stays open, all are disenfranchised

Seating Mark Harris does matter

In response to “Mark Harris winning doesn’t matter” (Dec. 20 Forum):

Seating Mark Harris most certainty does matter to the constituents of the 9th District.

Who will advocate for us while this investigation continues? It is not about attempting to “subvert democracy,” which of course the Democrats have never ever tried to do. It is about representation. If no one is a representative for the 9th District, we are all disenfranchised

Celia Powell, Charlotte

It’s a mistake to pull out of Syria now

Donald Trump’s announcement to pull U.S. military forces out of Syria is ill considered and presents opportunity for dire humanitarian and geopolitical consequences.

Risks include expansion of Russian influence in this volatile region, abandonment of steadfast Kurdish allies essential to defeat ISIS, and unchecked aggression by Syrian President Assad against a besieged civilian population.

I am not sure if Mr. Trump has the requisite policy background to realize the consequences of his decision. Worse yet, there is some chance the removal of forces is motivated by favors owed to Russia’s Putin or Turkey’s equally murderous and autocratic leader, Erdogan.

American presence in Syria has been limited to 2,000 troops, an investment that has paid dividends limiting human suffering and wanton brutality.

Wyn Birkenthal, Brevard

US has the money; build the wall

Arthur Selby 2018
Arthur Selby

I read that the United States has pledged $5.8 billion in aid for strengthening government and economic development in Central America and an additional $4.8 billion in development aid for southern Mexico.

Now if we can give away over $10 billion to help Mexico and Central America, why can’t we find $5 billion to start building a wall? Just saying.

Arthur Selby, Mint Hill

Trump’s economy isn’t so great after all

Remember Donald Trump boasting all the time that the stock market was way up since his election? He was plainly taking credit for its move.

Now, through the threat of trade wars, tariffs and other voodoo economic moves on his part, guess what we have?

The Dow in correction! The NASDAQ in correction! The S&P 500 in correction! The banking sector in a bear market. And scariest of all, this December is the worst December performance of the Dow since the Great Depression!

It is no wonder that all one hears now from the Trump camp about this is cricket sounds.

David Hyman, Charlotte

State leaders simply bribing NC teachers

In response to “NC’s teacher bonus scheme isn’t working” (Dec. 19 Opinion):

I am a retired high school teacher. When standardized testing began, N.C. teachers were told “teachers will not be graded on students’ test results.” We knew that was bull, but we had no option.

Now, teachers are being bribed by our state leaders to “teach the test.” Was it “bull” or not? Bribery, simple bribery.

Bob Cabaniss, Shelby

More good pastoral leaders than bad

After reading “Spirit of fear: Hundreds of sex abuse allegations found in fundamental Baptist churches, including in N.C.,” (Dec. 16), we need to be reminded that there are many places of worship where such behavior does not exist.

The blind trust of the gullible, naive sheep led by a Judas goat is extremely sad. Individuals in trusted pastoral leadership who use their false teacher and self-appointed power to exploit or abuse are disgraceful, criminal, and un-Godly.

G.O. Hinson, Concord

A special place in my heart for WDAV

Steve Craig 2016
Steve Craig

In response to “WDAV: 40 years of cool classical” (Dec. 16):

The local classical music station is an irreplaceable jewel in our crown. Growing up in a tobacco town, all I knew was Ferlin Huskey and the aroma of ground bright leaf. At school I heard Corelli’s Christmas Concerto at Advent services: The skies parted, the world opened.

WDAV offers worlds for diverse and unexpected listeners today, and hopefully 40 more years.

Steve Craig, Charlotte

New Orleans Saints disrespected Cam

So, the Saints thought it was a great idea to disrespect an opponent by sending a broom to remind him of their sweep. (“Newton hopes to return ‘gift’ from Saints he’s had in locker all year,” Dec. 15)

Maybe we should expect this from a franchise whose coach had to sit out a year for paying bounties to players for injuring the other team’s players.

Cam Newton is a great talent, plays hurt, never blames others for losses, and contributes his time to his community.

Cam, thanks for raising the bar. Charlotte is lucky to have you.

Maury Casey, Fort Mill