Letters to the Editor

NC GOP’s actions confuse me

In the 9th District, NC GOP wants it all

Frank McGuirt
Frank McGuirt

The GOP in North Carolina confuses me. On one hand, the N.C. Republican Party has petitioned the state Board of Elections to certify the victory of Mark Harris in the general election. While on the other hand, the Republican legislature has passed a bill requiring a new primary if the Board of Elections directs a new general election. That appears to be an effort to replace a “tainted” Harris from the race.

Frank McGuirt, Wingate

Don’t waste money on a second primary

The state Board of Elections has already signed off on the 9th District primary. I think re-doing the primary would be a foolish expense for the taxpayers.

How long are we going to go without representation while this drags out?

Valerie Davis, Charlotte

Cooper wrong to veto voter ID bill

In response to “NC Gov. Roy Cooper vetoes voter ID bill” (Dec. 15):

Gov. Roy Cooper is right that voter impersonation is extremely rare and does not pose a threat to election integrity. Yet, he was wrong to veto the bill that would implement the recently passed N.C. constitutional amendment requiring voter ID.

In explaining his veto, Cooper provided no suggested changes. Instead, he simply objected to the concept of voter ID, disregarding the fact that it was passed by a significant majority of the state’s voters.

His veto will play well with his supporters, but it is another example of good governance taking a back seat to politics.

Steven P. Nesbit, Charlotte

Border walls are expensive, often fail

People who call for a wall to protect our border with Mexico should review how others who relied on walls for protection have fared.

For example, at great expense, the French built the Maginot Line only to see it fail in a matter of weeks when the Germans simply marched around it.

Other great failures include the Great Wall of China, the triple walls of Carthage, and the German’s Siegfried Line in WWI and WWII.

Walls are expensive and simply do not guarantee protection.

William Wade, Mooresville

In some situations, border walls work

In response to “Trump’s wall will be the same as Berlin” (Dec. 18 Forum):

Comparing President Trump’s proposed border wall with Berlin’s completely misses the mark.

The Berlin Wall was designed to keep people from leaving a country. Trump’s proposed border wall is designed to keep the unwanted out.

There is a precedent for border walls being successful: Israel and Egypt, to name two countries.

Robert Cassell Jr., Charlotte

A game-changer for homeless families

Jacqueline Wheeler
Jacqueline Wheeler

The writer is a Harvest Center volunteer.

Harvest Center of Charlotte recently announced it would be providing up to 20 homeless families their own apartments, rent free.

These families will be receiving support and services that will enable them to become self-sufficient and ultimately working, productive and engaged members of our community.

If you are a homeless family in Charlotte, your options of finding shelter together are few and far between, so this invaluable ministry is a game-changer in the ongoing fight to end homelessness in Charlotte.

In an age where reading news can be depressing at best, torturous at worst, please give us the good news too!

Jacqueline Wheeler, Linville

Saddened by the passing of Jim Rogers

In response to “Jim Rogers, 1947-2018: Former Duke Energy CEO known for enthusiasm, civic leadership” (Dec. 19):

Oh, Jim Rogers, how we will miss your voice about Duke Energy’s need to address climate change.

You must have been grieved that CEO Lynn Good and the board have failed to push more aggressivelyfor renewables, as you had hoped. And, that they are counting on polluting fracking gas instead of moving into the new energy economy.

Who will pick up your voice?

Nancy Bryant, Norwood