Letters to the Editor

Affordable housing: a much better use of that Amazon money

Put Amazon money toward housing

John H. Clark 2016
John H. Clark

In response to “Charlotte, Mecklenburg planned to offer Amazon $270.6 million for HQ2” (Dec. 20):

Now that we know the Charlotte City Council was prepared to spend $100 million of our tax dollars to subsidize an Amazon move to Charlotte, let’s take those dollars and add it to the allocated $50 million for affordable housing – a truly meaningful cause versus an Amazon location.

Then, let’s challenge our local businesses, large and small, and citizens like you and me to match the $150 million to create a $300 million fund to combat the forced poverty of high rents in our town.

Let’s put our fellow citizens ahead of corporate subsidies.

John H. Clark, Charlotte

Trump is trying to prevent illegal entry

In response to “Lady Liberty and the wall cannot coexist” (Dec. 20 Forum):

America has regulated immigration from the time it became an independent country until the present.

Ellis Island, which exists in the shadow of Lady Liberty, became America’s primary port of entry for European immigrants in 1892 and served in that function until 1954.

Today, there are more than 300 ports of entry at which immigrants may be found inadmissible for nearly 20 reasons. These ports of entry primarily are gateways into America; not barriers.

President Trump’s desired wall is to prevent illegal entry, not legal entry.

Vaughn Hathaway, Charlotte

I see bias in your Harris coverage

I am extremely disappointed in the Observer for what I see as biased reporting on the 9th District election process. Every article seems to insinuate that Mark Harris was involved in this unproven set of circumstances.

Why can’t the Observer just relax and stay neutral until all facts are known? Remember, there are many Republicans who subscribe to this paper and who only want to see a level playing field in politics.

Faison Kuester, Charlotte

Surely Harris knew about Dowless

It has bothered me that people are not blaming, much less charging, Mark Harris for unlawful acts during the 9th District race. Surely he knew McCrae Dowless was not exactly legitimate and above board.

The old adage, “Birds of a feather flock together” does come to mind.

Chris Horn Williams, Charlotte

That’s life in the gerrymandered 9th

In response to “9th District could be without representation for months” (Dec. 21):

Harry Taylor

Without representation for months? Ha! I’ve lived in the 9th for 31 years and never had representation, thanks to repression of my democracy via gerrymandering. Nor does that change in the other 12 N.C. districts. Regardless of political preference, gerrymandering makes a sham of your constitutional representation. It’s long past time to replace it with fair and independent redistricting.

Harry Taylor, Charlotte

Let Americans see how they were duped

In response to “Russia waged vast pro-Trump social media plan, Senate panel told” (Dec. 17):

Dewey P. Rochester
Dewey P. Rochester

After the disclosure of information in reports given to the Senate Intelligence Committee, President Trump must now face the “i” word he fears. Not “impeachment,” but “illegitimate.”

The Russians used every social media platform to get Trump elected president. We can only hope that the Senate committee releases the entire report so all Americans can see how they may have been duped.

Dewey P. Rochester, Charlotte

Put Silent Sam statue in a cemetery

In response to “Some modest proposals for Silent Sam” (Dec. 17 Opinion):

Silent Sam belongs in a cemetery for Confederate soldiers who died in battle. He can give them a stronger voice than they have now, without saying a word.

Steve Wise, Charlotte