Letters to the Editor

Sheriff McFadden is being paid too much

Sheriff is doing less, so pay him less

In response to “New Mecklenburg sheriff a bit surprised by his 8 cent paycheck” (Dec. 21):

I am a believer of equal pay for equal work. Since the new Mecklenburg sheriff is not enforcing 287(g) he is not doing the same amount of work as Sheriff Irwin Carmichael did and therefore should not be paid the same.

What unmitigated gall to turn down the two initial pay offers.

On the other hand, the deputies on the street are not paid enough. I suggest taking the new sheriff’s pay and dividing it up among the deputies.

Paying Sheriff Garry McFadden is a waste of our tax dollars!

Rick Toot, Matthews

Mattis’ departure is a serious blow to US

In response to “In protest of Trump, Mattis to step down as secretary of defense” (Dec. 21):

Secretary of Defense James Mattis’ resignation removes from the Trump administration the last vestige of adult leadership.

Jay Brosnan, Mint Hill

Don’t withdraw from Syria; ISIS will surge

Augie Beasley
Augie Beasley

In response to “Trump orders all ground troops pulled from Syria” (Dec. 20):

President Trump ordering troops from Syria by next year is wrong.

Even members of his own party, our allies, and U.S. Army generals say it is a disaster waiting to happen.

This is not reality TV. This is real. Presidents do not rule by fiat. At least in the past they did not.

ISIS has not been defeated. Pulling out American troops will create a power vacuum that Syrian President Bashar Assad, Russia and ISIS will quickly exploit.

Augie Beasley, Charlotte

Dems are hindering Trump’s progress

All we have heard from the left is how they will get even when they take over the U.S. House in January.

President Trump wants to work on prison reform, infrastructure and border security, which would involve a DACA program. This would take away Democrats’ talking points.

I seriously doubt if any Democratic committee heads will work on legislation when they have their Trump probes pre-planned. All Maxine Waters knows how to say is “Impeach 45.” And, Adam Schiff – Mr. CNN – has made repeated claims of Russian collusion – yet has no real evidence.

Thurman Linker, Charlotte

I want Congress to rein in Trump

Kent Rhodes
Kent Rhodes

The actions of this president go beyond being an embarrassment on the national and international stage. They have now become, in the view of many experts, a danger to our country and our allies.

The U.S. can no longer be considered the leader of the free world. And Trump is no better than a third-rate politician; certainly not deserving the moniker of “leader of the free world.”

It is a sad and dangerous time and one can only hope that Congress will act to rein in Trump’s predilection for his ego-boosting, unhinged policies.

Kent Rhodes, Charlotte

Trump’s wall won’t secure the border

Chip Potts

Forum writers, please stop conflating Trump’s wall with border security. Simply because “Trump said so” is not a factual premise on which to build solutions.

Very sad to waste U.S. taxpayer billions on a monstrosity that won’t do what he claims. Many Republicans and experts know this to be true, but the charade continues so as not to bruise “Individual 1’s” ego!

Chip Potts, Mooresville

S&P rose at a higher rate under Obama

Thomas Strini
Thomas Strini

Just for the record, during the first 699 days of Barack Obama’s presidency the S&P 500 index, generally considered the best indicator of broad market performance, rose at an annualized rate of 25.7 percent.

During the same period under Trump it has risen at an annualized rate of only 4.4 percent.

Think about that when you get your next 401(k) statement!

Thomas Strini, Mint Hill

I see no reason for a do-over in the 9th

In response to Our View “Hold a new election in the tainted 9th” (Dec. 6 Editorial):

It appears the N.C. Republicans knew Mark Harris stole the primary from Robert Pittenger. They also knew that if they disclosed the theft they wouldn’t be able to use the same “strategy” in the general election to steal it from Dan McCready. So no, we don’t need to start over entirely, as your editorial suggested.

Jim Hock, Charlotte