Letters to the Editor

Observer Forum: Letters to the editor 05.27.15

In response to “Council eyes cut in ASC funding” (May 26):

Weigh needs vs wants, then cut ASC

I hope Charlotte City Council member Claire Fallon and others will stick to their guns and cut Arts & Science Council funding by a minimum of 5 percent.

Just like all private citizens have to do with their budget, our city leaders are being forced to evaluate what we need versus what we want.

The ASC fits squarely in the “want” category.

Trigg Cherry


In response to “Who knew so many would see ‘blind guy’ story?” (May 25):

People like Lang just want to take advantage of the system

I have a few choice words for Luis Lang and others like him that cannot be published in the paper. It is perfectly fine to disagree with public policy, but people need to be accountable for themselves, regardless of political affiliation.

I do not want Mr. Lang to go blind, but I would not contribute one cent to his fund. I know that sounds harsh, but how is it any different than the entitlements that Republicans and others complain about?

Chris McCarty

Mount Holly

In response to “BofA, 5 other banks, fined for foreign-exchange practices” (May 21):

Punish the BofA bad guys, but don’t paint all with one brush

Bank of America has 220,000 employees. I know only a few, at my branch, but I am reasonably sure that they are among the quarter million or so who had nothing whatsoever to do with those shenanigans that led to the humongous fines levied against their company.

Let’s spotlight the ones – a few dozen, maybe? – who are responsible and deal with them appropriately.

Don’t punish the quarter million who are doing good, honest work.

Ted Lucas


U.S. must stop caving in to Iran; end talks with them now

What is the U.S. waiting for? We must not allow Iran to dictate to us what our conditions are for lifting sanctions against a country that is hell-bent on developing an atomic weapon.

Iran’s leader said that Tehran would not accept “unreasonable demands” by world powers over its nuclear program. He ruled out letting inspectors interview its atomic scientists.

Enough with the delays; enough with caving in to Iran. End these talks that will only lead to a dead-end.

Harvey Cohen


To end chronic homelessness, focus more on kids, prevention

The just released Point in Time Count identifies 280 chronically homeless individuals and 498 homeless children living in Charlotte.

If you visit uptown, you see homeless adults every day. Fortunately, they have an influential advocacy group working to prevent their homeless condition.

The only way to see homeless children is to visit a homeless shelter or a cheap motel. The agencies working on behalf of homeless children are not focused on preventing them from becoming homeless.

If homeless children later become homeless adults, we will never solve the chronic homeless problem.

Will Miller


In response to “Therapy dogs are the last thing Charlotte’s crowded airport needs” (May 25 Forum):

Overwhelming majority happy to see those wagging tails at CLT

The writer and his dog, Rowdy, make pet therapy visits.

I ask Forum writer Mary Hulen for her compassion and understanding that no doubt most of those around her in the airport would love to have a therapy dog in their midst.

Stopping one minute to receive unconditional love and affection from a friendly dog can be far more impactful than one might assume.

Pet therapy teams are, however, extremely respectful of persons not wanting to have an interaction for whatever reason.

My sincere thanks goes out to the pet therapy teams who unselfishly volunteer their time, effort, and endless tail wags at the Charlotte airport.

Bill Hamelau