Letters to the Editor

President Trump is always in the minority

Trump is wrong about many issues

Donald Trump is the president of the minority. Having been elected by a minority of US voters, Trump now advocates for positions not supported by a majority of Americans.

For example, 54 percent of voters oppose building the border wall. 83 percent support DACA kids having a path to citizenship. 53 percent support Obamacare. 60 percent oppose offshore drilling. 58 percent support access to abortions. 74 percent believe temperatures are rising due to climate change. 81 percent support tax breaks for companies developing renewable energy technologies. 78 percent support stronger financial consumer protections.

Trump might wonder why he is unpopular. The answer is clear:He is on the wrong side of too many issues. He does not speak for the majority of American people.

Arnie Cann, Charlotte

Control immigration but not like this

I cannot believe our government is arguing over building a wall along the Mexican border. It has always been evident that Mexico would never pay for the wall. President Trump and Congress should know that no wall could be built that illegal immigrants can’t dig under or manage to go over the top of in some manner.

Now they are quibbling about reducing the expenditure by placing pieces of the wall at strategic locations, which would mean the immigrants will move to another location to gain passage into this country.

We need to maintain America’s sovereignty, which demands disallowing illegal entry, but it has to be done in a practical way that other nations will respect and agree is the correct method.

Donald Meyer, Denver

There must be an election do-over

In response to “I see no reason for a do-over in the 9th” (Dec. 24 Forum):

Well, the Mark Harris campaign seems to have used shady tactics to perhaps steal the election. The North Carolina Board of Elections’ investigation even confirmed the mail-in absentee ballots carry a large enough weight to sway the results of the election, contrary to Harris’ claims. Additionally, the investigation points to the illegal collection of mail-in absentee ballots by Harris supporters. The results have yet to confirm Harris emerged victorious in the 9th District.

Now do you see a reason?

There is only one clear course of action; a new election for North Carolina’s 9th District.

Jakob Lucas, Waxhaw

Stop the destruction for monetary gain

Stephen Wagner
Stephen Wagner

This past Christmas Eve was the 50th anniversary of the Apollo 8 mission which produced one of the most iconic pictures in history. It was a picture of Earth taken from the other side of the moon.

Looking at that picture, it seems unconscionable that anyone would risk the future of the planet by ignoring science and promoting policies that produce only short-term theoretical monetary gains for the very few. The Bureau of Land Management is proposing rules that would allow large scale drilling in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge, one of the most important and fragile ecosystems on the planet.

Is there no end to the greed and destruction? If we want to have a livable planet, we had better start acting like it and speak up.

Stephen Wagner, Charlotte

It’s time to act on these animals

In response to “Intern attacked by a lion died ‘following her passion.’ The state will investigate.” (Dec. 31):

The deadly mauling by a lion at a roadside zoo is not NC’s first tragic incident involving dangerous wild animals. Unless legislators take action, it’s unlikely our last. There are five states with few laws prohibiting the possession of dangerous wild animals and as a result, in NC, individuals can easily acquire big cats, bears and primates.

A 3-year-old was blinded by his father’s tiger in 1995 and a 10-year-old boy was killed by his uncle’s pet tiger in 2003. We’ve even had multiple attacks and escapes by primates and large cats.

People who lack knowledge and resources acquire these young animals, then warehouse or dispose of them when they grow large, aggressive and dangerous. Let’s not be the last state in the country to protect communities from irresponsible people who acquire dangerous animals and call themselves a zoo.

David K. Robb, Charlotte

Don’t treat teachers like babysitters

Another school year is half over and as a volunteer for a Charlotte elementary school, I’m challenging parents to do a better job of standing up for their teachers.

The teachers and staff in schools do an excellent job of educating and nurturing the students who attend, but are treated by some of the parents like overpaid babysitters. They whine and complain about perceived inequalities, but do nothing to support the teachers and staff.

Really good teachers are becoming harder to find due to low pay and lack of support from parents. It’s time to start treating them like the endangered species that they are or they’ll become extinct. If that’s the case, the big losers will be your children.

Judith McCrary, Indian Land