Letters to the Editor

Trump is delivering on all promises

Democrats only want to obstruct Trump

President Trump is delivering on his promises but the Democrats, biased news media and the Left are frantically trying to obstruct him. Screaming “Russia!” has not worked out so well so they are now spending our tax dollars hiring lawyers to investigate Trump, desperately hoping they will find impeachable crimes to stop another win.

Democrats should be legislating for America’s good and security and not the opposite. Americans should be outraged.

Howard Honeycutt, Charlotte

Trump doesn’t know what he’s doing

Herb Stark
Herb Stark

In his Christmas message to the troops, President Trump said “It’s a disgrace” as he chastised Democrats for not giving him his wall, saying drugs and bad people are coming into this country, and that the stock market plunge is their fault. He also said the Federal Reserve is hurting our economy and the Democrats are preparing to harass him.

I hope he doesn’t get his wall and think the Democrats would do well to stay on his case until he either resigns or is impeached for his outlandish behavior. He doesn’t know what he’s doing and that in my book makes him exceedingly dangerous. Look in the mirror, Mr. President, and see the real disgrace.

Herb Stark, Mooresville

McConnell acts unconstitutionally

It seems Mitch McConnell will not bring any bill to the Senate floor unless President Trump likes the bill. I think that’s unconstitutional.

The Constitution states that the president can veto a bill passed by both the House and Senate if he doesn’t like it. But the Constitution also gives the House and Senate the ability to over ride the veto with a 2/3 vote.

Mitch McConnell’s approach seems to give Trump total veto power over the voice of the people without any way to over ride the veto power. Thus, McConnell has defied the Constitution and should be prosecuted.

Robert Cubbler, Matthews

How are you for private healthcare?

Doesn’t conservative mean freedom, choice and efficiency? Then how can true conservatives champion and defend private health insurance that limits choice of service providers while restricting those providers in a complex, time-consuming and expensive process that costs many multiples of Medicare processing?

Why is the US paying double what other industrial nations pay for healthcare but only getting half the measurable results in life span and higher infant mortality? Why are so-called conservatives defending this egregious system that profits insurance companies at the expense of all Americans?

I just don’t get it.

Tom E. Bowers, Charlotte

It’s time to review all counties’ elections

Tom Daoust
Tom Daoust

After years of hearing Democrats insist there is no election fraud, we find the same party giddy in finding possible fraud in Bladen County, committed primarily and apparently by Republicans. The evidence was discovered by simple mathematical observations of election data. The data pointed to anomalies that defied explanation other than possible illegal activity – in short, a high likelihood of fraud.

Now that we finally have both parties agreeing that election fraud exists, and it may be prevalent enough to influence the outcome of elections, it’s time to do a thorough review of all counties for similar anomalies. Do the math, find the anomalies, then investigate the most serious potential problems. This isn’t rocket science.

Tom Daoust, Concord

North Carolina needs Mark Harris!

The government system never ceases to amaze me. I have never witnessed such effort to keep a candidate from taking office.

Mark Harris is probably one of the the most honorable and trustworthy congressman ever elected to office. He may not be what they want in Washington but he’s what we need for North Carolina!

Charles Connor, Claremont

We can’t understand Eric Reid’s plight

In response to “Business means more than talent” (Jan. 1 Forum):

In a country where there is a wide assortment of prejudice being displayed against people of color every day as evidenced in internet videos, news reports, marches by groups like the KKK and even degrading and dehumanizing comments by the president, Forum writer Trigg Cherry reveals his own lack of understanding when it came to Eric Reid’s situation.

None of us who are white can truly understand what being a person of color is like, but we who pay attention and truly believe racism is wrong know that the wealth and position of a person does not guarantee they have never experienced prejudice. Not to mention that one can protest injustices on behalf of others as well.

Michelle Hargett, Charlotte