Letters to the Editor

Elizabeth Warren in 2020? Not if you want to sway moderate Republicans like me

Not another ultra-liberal Dem

Democrats have a rare opportunity in 2020 to win votes from moderate Republicans like me who are dismayed by the direction our party has taken. But Democrats have to offer us a viable candidate.

If the likes of Elizabeth Warren, Bernie Sanders, Hillary Clinton, or similar ultra-liberal candidates are the best they can come up with, we are destined for another four years of dysfunction and chaos in the White House.

Richard Shipman, Concord

Cut pay of all involved in shutdown

In response to “Wall divides leaders on shutdown’s 12th day” (Jan. 3):

Never mind who is to blame for the shutdown that is harming innocent employees.

Those who govern the greatest country in the world are acting like petulant children. There must be dire consequences for all responsible parties.

Voters must mandate that all White House staff, all cabinet members and staff, and all members of Congress and their staffs shall not be paid for this and any future shutdown stemming from a budget impasse.

Wally Lingerfelt, Iron Station

Trump’s wall plan sticks it to taxpayers

It’s laughable that President Trump continues to tell the American people he is only keeping the promise he campaigned on for the border wall.

No, Mr. Trump. You campaigned on the basis that Mexico was going to pay for it. Therefore, you are not keeping your promise.

You are instead sticking it to the taxpayers.

Ken A. Rutherford, Charlotte

Media underplays Trump’s successes

John Petrie
John Petrie

In response to “Trump doesn’t know what he’s doing” (Jan. 3 Forum) and “Trump’s top 10 successes of 2018” (Jan. 3 Opinion):

It is ironic that on Thursday’s Opinion page a Forum letter from Herb Stark stating Trump “doesn’t know what he’s doing” appeared next to a column by Marc Thiessen recounting Trump’s top 10 successes in 2018.

Even more ironic is that few people know about some of those successes since the liberal media rarely reports anything positive about Trump.

John Petrie, Fort Mill

Harris has acted dishonorably

Garrett Nelson
Garrett Nelson

In response to “Harris says he’ll go to court to get vote certified” (Jan. 3):

Mark Harris has no honor. Instead of acknowledging election fraud, he has continued to demand the state board of elections certify him the winner.

The alleged fraudster, McCrae Dowless, may have acted independently, but Harris has taken no responsibility for hiring him. Instead Harris dodges and ducks.

An honorable leader understands that he has responsibility for those who work for him. Harris should be the one most forcefully demanding a new election, to prove that he can win fair and square.

Instead he wants activist judges to force him on his “constituents.” That is not democracy. The most disappointing thing about this election is not the fraud, but Harris’ dishonorable behavior.

Garrett Nelson, Charlotte

If the shoe fits, the US must wear it

In response to “Deaths of 2 children in short span raise doubts about US border agency” (Dec. 27) and related articles:

America has lost its former place of leadership and respect in the free world. It’s all our own doing and we can change it.

The separation of refugee children from their parents should never have happened and is continuing far too long.

The Department of Homeland Security abrogated its responsibility to the children it detained by turning them over to “non-profit” companies. DHS Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen has no idea how many have died in her custody, but two are known. Videos of child abuse have gone viral.

We hear anguished cries like “This is not who we are,” but as long as the shoe fits, we must wear it.

Allen Hubbard, Lincolnton

Scheer was vital part of Hornets’ success

In response to “MJ, Rambis and a single Hornets game ‘changed Charlotte forever’ ” (Dec. 23):

Brendan Marks wrote an excellent column on the importance of the Charlotte Hornets to our community. However, I felt he was remiss in leaving out Carl Scheer, the first general manager of the Hornets.

Based on his basketball expertise in the ABA and NBA, Scheer was instrumental in the selection of the initial players and the initial basketball staff. He was especially proud of the growth of his staff and their success.

The name Carl Scheer should be included in any story about the early success of the Charlotte Hornets.

Mike Van Glish, Charlotte