Letters to the Editor

Give President Trump his pacifier

Trump will whine until he wins

Morry Alter
Morry Alter Picasa

It is time for my Democratic Party leaders to give the baby some or even all of his pacifier. We cannot allow federal workers, contractors and all the other impacted innocent citizens to suffer because President Trump, by his own admission, was proud to shut down part of our government.

I don’t want any of the misery Trump is inflicting on my party’s hands. In the end, he will declare whatever the outcome is to be a huge victory. But we grow wiser to his lies each time the man presses send, which rhymes with end. And end, this nightmare will, when all the uninformed and often cruel sound bites finally bite him back.

Morry Alter, Charlotte

Other walls have worked, though

In response to “What will make our wall any different?” (Jan. 8 Forum):

Several Forum postings like the one from writer Phillip Nowlin’s have stated that the Berlin Wall and others didn’t work.

Au Contraire.

The Berlin Wall was uber successful. So was China’s Great Wall and the border barrier between North and South Korea. Walls (barriers) properly constructed, maintained and monitored can be and have been very effective.

Joe Gallagher, Concord

Don’t throw all blame on Democrats

Someone should question why the president is blaming the Democrats. If the president couldn’t get the $5 billion for the wall during the past two years while his party controlled the House of Representatives and the Senate, why is he now blaming the Democrats?

The Republicans wouldn’t approve the money either and now public employees are being penalized. It appears neither party wants to approve funding for the wall.

Rick Ellis, Charlotte

The wall will stop all our problems

I say most of the blame is on the Democrats for the government shutdown. If they agreed to the wall funding, there would be no shutdown. The Democratic Party has become a socialist party.

The American people have spent billions paying for education and medical programs for illegal immigrants. If we don’t build the wall, it will continue. If we open our borders to everyone then, in time, our country will be no better than the countries they came from. If the wall is built, it will eventually save taxpayers billions from the cost of education and health care, which will more than offset the cost of the wall.

Walter Zamiela, Charlotte

The women’s march will be amazing

In response to “Charlotte 2019 women’s march hosts seek unity amid national strife over anti-Semitism” (Jan. 2):

Catherine Stadelman
Catherine Stadelman

Kudos to the organizers of this year’s women’s march in Charlotte. The Women United March will help to continue the important wave of women’s activism at the same time it combats some people’s blindness to racism and anti-semitism.

The Charlotte women’s march has been aware of such perceptions for a long time and has sought ways to counter them. It sounds like they are making significant progress this year and deserve broad support.

Let’s hope they also break free from the label of anti-Trumpism and focus on issues of concern to all women.

Catherine Stadelman, Charlotte

We chose Harris, so get over it

It is clear the political establishment wants to obstruct Mark Harris’s seating in the House as a means of extorting a reversal of the election results. We voters chose Harris over Dan McCready. The media, Democrats and RINO Republicans want to punish us for having elected Harris by stealing the election from us.

This is a case of banana republic-like election-stealing. As such it is a rank injustice perpetrated on the people. The only reason Bladen County election events are being cited now is that the political establishment wanted McCready or Robert Pittenger and not Harris. It’s a pity that election honesty isn’t a concern as long as “the right candidate” wins.

Christopher Hollins, Charlotte

Not a great name for a restaurant

In response to “Weighing in: What’s in a name? For Lake Wylie’s newest restaurant, I’m not sure” (Jan. 4):

Thank you Kathleen Purvis for your article about the inappropriateness of the name “Papa Doc’s” for the new restaurant at Lake Wylie.

We have friends and relatives from Haiti. I have been to Haiti. I searched “Papa Doc” when I first saw the announcement to make sure there was not another famous “Papa Doc” but there is only one and he was the ruthless Haitian dictator.

We are at Lake Wylie frequently but will never patronize a restaurant with such a name.

Ken Young, Charlotte