Letters to the Editor

I like that Trump is standing firm on the wall

Trump tried to deal; he’s standing true

Traci Cockerham
Traci Cockerham

In response to “Trump exits meeting about shutdown” (Jan. 10):

Donald Trump is standing true to his campaign promises, and this is exactly why I voted for him. He came to the meeting Wednesday with a deal for Democrats. When the deal was declined, he left. I don’t see a problem with this. He is firm, he is wise and he is even “sweet” to hand out candy.

Traci Cockerham, Charlotte

It’s Americans who’ll lose if wall is built

In response to “The wall will stop all our problems” (Jan. 9 Forum):

It is alleged that illegal immigrants cost Americans “billions” in educational and medical spending. Reality tells us that this statement is far from the truth.

Most illegal immigrants are men who are here harvesting our food, performing low-level and dangerous jobs in factories, construction, and other areas of the economy.

They buy food, pay rent to landlords, they buy all sorts of goods and services and pay sales taxes on those purchases. They don’t collect Social Security and their wages are low.

Next time you eat a meal, at home or in a restaurant, think about how much more expensive that meal will be if the wall is built. Americans will lose billions.

Russell LeDonne, Charlotte

Put your oars in the water, Congress

The GOP controlled both chambers of Congress for the last two years and could have easily passed border/security legislation. Send Trump the previous bills voted on and let him choose whether or not to sign them.

It is time for Mitch McConnell and Republicans in Congress to put their oars in the water and start rowing in the same direction as the rest of the country, rather than aimlessly drifting in a sea of fear-mongering and lies.

Dot Meixler, Huntersville

Spoiled career politicians must go

Ed Carlson
Ed Carlson

Since Congress and the president are all acting like spoiled, rotten children, I suggest we send them all to “time out” until we can hold a referendum on amending the Constitution to limit each position to a single term in office.

Career politicians have ruined our system of government and brought us to the stalemate we face today.

With only one term in office, hopefully the focus would be on compromise and accomplishments, not re-elections.

Ed Carlson, Charlotte

It’s Warren’s views that I object to

In response to “Don’t dismiss Warren; I salute her courage” (Jan. 7 Forum):

I do find Elizabeth Warren very likable. I also find her admittedly “romantically attractive.” The reason I would not vote for her is because I disagree with 90 percent of her political positions.

In my humble opinion, she is not the best and brightest. Not even close.

But I will always defend your right to endorse anyone.

Frank J. Betts, Cornelius

First finish airport road improvements

In response to “American adding destinations from Charlotte airport” (Jan. 10):

So the airport is upgrading its terminals, offering more flights and adding a runway.

Sure would be nice if they could first finish the improvements to the entrance road so you could actually get to the terminal and enjoy those improvements.

Benne Hutson, Charlotte

Loss of Panthers’ Davis is a huge one

Jim Hunter
Jim Hunter

In response to “Thomas Davis announces in emotional Twitter video that Panthers are moving on without him,” (Jan. 10):

As a PSL owner since Day One I have never felt compelled to publicly voice my extreme disappointment over a personnel move, until today.

I can think of many other changes more appropriate than not re-signing Thomas Davis, one of our greatest.

Seldom do NFL fans have the pleasure of watching such a special player. I wish him Godspeed wherever he ends up next season.

I hope Panthers owner David Tepper will find room on the “wall of fame” to make Davis the first addition in 20-plus years.

Jim Hunter, Charlotte

What would Jackson and Jefferson say?

In reference to Sunday’s Our View, “The embarrassment that is Wells Fargo,” presidents Thomas Jefferson and Andrew Jackson have turned over many times in their graves concerning what our banking system has become.

Alfred Brown Jr., Concord