Letters to the Editor

Reinstate charter school cap? No need.

Don’t put a cap on charter schools

Richard Vinroot
Richard Vinroot

In response to “5 ways to help public schools” (Jan. 11 Opinion):

Guest columnist Justin Parmenter recommends “Reinstate the charter cap” as a means of improving public education.

That’s ironic – and dead wrong, in my opinion – in light of the fact that charter school students have out-performed “school system” students across the board, and in every subcategory, this past year, according to the N.C. Office of Charter Schools’ “2018 Charter Schools Annual Report.”

I guess Justin’s rationale is “if you can’t beat them, reduce them.”

Richard A. Vinroot, Charlotte

Pair with county to fund greenway trail

In response to “City comes up $77 million short on a signature project: Cross Charlotte Trail” (Jan. 9):

The city recently reported a $77 million shortfall in completing an acclaimed greenway project. Voters strongly approved bond issues to complete the project.

Now, supporters will be confronted with a patchwork trail, part of which will run along existing streets/sidewalks. That solution should be a non-starter.

Here is a simple solution: Have the City Council and county board instruct their respective managers to sit down and solve the shortfall. Together the city and county have an annual budget of over $4 billion. The $77 million shortfall is less than 2 percent of the combined budgets.

All we need now is leadership and the will to complete the project!

David C. Sweet, Charlotte

Don’t evict, foreclose on federal workers

Yes, there is a national crisis! It is the dire financial situation the federal shutdown has put many of our federal employees in.

Our federal government should mandate that no foreclosure or eviction procedure can begin on any federal employee who is not being paid due to the shutdown and thus is unable to pay their mortgage or rent.

There should be some type of reasonable grace period following the end of this horrific shutdown to give victims of this travesty a chance to get back on financial track.

Mary Beth Reynolds, Charlotte

I can hear the calls for privatization

The ongoing government shutdown has numerous negative impacts. Most under-appreciated is citizens’ weakened faith in the ability of the federal government to provide services and manage our national treasures.

I can already hear calls that privatization will be the best way to assure continuous safety and access.

Outsourcing government services, selling off the commons, is not the answer. We must elect leaders who offer real solutions for the 21st century.

Bob Hrozencik, Vilas

Wall won’t fix immigration issues

In response to “Politicians supply the wall, not us” (Jan. 10 Forum):

It is no surprise that after Trump cites the alleged cost of illegal immigration and Fox News dutifully offers a similar claim we see a Forum letter echoing this “fact.”

Undocumented immigrants still pay taxes, but are excluded from most federal assistance, and yet are prohibited from collecting Social Security or Medicare benefits.

PolitiFact has rated Trump’s claim that U.S. taxpayers pay $250 billion each year to support illegal immigrants as “False,” and other fact-check sites are in general agreement.

Also, the majority of undocumented immigrants are those who have overstayed their visas. An expensive and ineffective wall would have no impact on this issue.

George Anderson, Charlotte

Easy way to fix that restaurant name

In response to “Weighing in: What’s in a name? For Lake Wylie’s newest restaurant, I’m not sure” (Jan. 11):

The name of Lake Wylie’s new restaurant “Papa Doc’s Shore Club” is offensive to some. It’s on the lake, so add a “k” to “Doc.” Problem solved – unless innocent homonyms are also politically incorrect.

Roe Boothby, Wadesboro

I see Papa Doc’s name differently

Mark Estep
Mark Estep

As someone born in Charlotte over 60 years ago, the second I heard the name of the new restaurant coming to Lake Wylie – Papa Doc’s Shore Club – I immediately thought of the great times thousands of Charlotteans had at Papa Doc’s on South Boulevard years ago. Britton McCorkle will bring great quality and atmosphere to Lake Wylie and I cannot wait for it to open.

I’m sure thousands of Charlotteans like me can’t wait for Papa Doc’s Shore Club to open so we can reminisce about old Charlotte and old times with friends over great food!

Mark Estep, Charlotte