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Observer Forum: Letters to the editor 05.28.15

Sam Roberson
Sam Roberson Handout photo

In response to “Mortgage scheme’s leaders gets 30 years” (May 27):

Case raises questions about race

The extensive mortgage fraud scheme carefully implemented over several years should offend absolutely everybody.

But to see several photographs of African-American individuals and read the details of their behavior raises the issue: Duke Energy, major banks, and auto manufacturers regularly pay large criminal fines. However, we rarely see individuals named or charged, even at the mid-management level, and almost never do we finger high-level officers and senior employees.

I am not crying “racism”; I am simply pointing it out.

Sam Roberson

Fort Mill, S.C.

In response to “N.C. DMV: 1 registration-renewal sticker saves money” (May 27):

DMV is cutting its sticker costs by half, but what about mine?

DMV decided to go to one tag sticker to “save the agency money.” Drivers need a break too.

If they are cutting the required number of stickers, then our renewal fee should be cut as well. Charging $28 for a sticker that may cost 50 cents to produce is highway robbery.

Floyd Prophet


In response to N.C. Opinions: Raleigh “Wise move by Scouts” (May 27 Editorial):

Don’t see a future for politically correct version of Boy Scouts

I was a Boy Scout, my dad was a Scout leader, my son and grandson were Scouts. It was a fantastic organization that taught the values of God and country every young man needs in life.

The national platform has become decidedly politically correct and has reduced the Boy Scout oath to a “promise” that thankfully still includes the phrase “morally straight.”

A recent Buzz entry said it best: R.I.P, B.S.A. There’s little doubt Lord Baden-Powell has blisters from rolling over in his grave.

Charles M. Palmer


In response to Our View “N.C. shooting the messenger” (May 26 Editorial):

‘Ag-gag’ bill violates common sense – and U.S. Constitution

Making it a crime to be a whistleblower favors the interests of big farmers and corporations over an individual’s fundamental right to express an opinion that might improve bad practices.

Come on, Gov. McCrory. Stand up for what is right. Veto that bill. It violates the Constitution, morality and common sense.

Vincent Keipper


In response to Our View “The search for the next police chief” (May 25):

Save money, search in-house for city’s next police chief

The Observer recommends conducting a national search to replace Chief Rodney Monroe.

That reminds me of the shopper who found the perfect piece of clothing in the first shop he visited. Instead of making the purchase, he spent four hours visiting another 10 stores. Eventually he returned to the first store to purchase the item he knew was a great buy.

Why spend money, time and energy in search of a new police chief when a great option exists right here in our community?

Dale Williams


McCrory should fire those responsible for I-77 toll contract

If a foreign, private company can borrow enough to build a toll road, then set toll rates to pay back the loan and make a profit, why can’t the state?

Who agreed to grant this company no competition for 50 years? Was it merely incompetence, or as some have suggested, hanky-panky or kickbacks?

In either case, the responsible members of N.C. DOT should be immediately fired. How about it, Gov. McCrory ?

Ken Bullard


In response to “Who knew so many would see ‘blind guy’ story?” (May 25):

Maybe we owe Luis Lang thanks for 1 thing: enlightening others

Luis Lang is a classic example of someone whose lack of understanding influenced him to not only vote against his own best interest, but behave contrary to his own self-preservation.

Given Lang’s chosen lifestyle, he may not deserve our sympathy, but if awareness of his plight enlightens and encourages millions of other Americans who are healthy today to better prepare for the day when they are not, perhaps he’s worth his salt after all.

Jay Ahuja

Mint Hill