Letters to the Editor

The wall is our best bet for national safety

How would we stop the new caravan?

John S. Perugini
John S. Perugini

If we don’t build a wall/barrier along our southern border, how do we stop the caravan of some 2,000 immigrants that has just formed in Honduras? While we can use the military to support our Border Patrol again, it is not an effective, long-term solution. Also, while drones and other security devices are important supplements to a permanent barrier, they are not effective stand-alone solutions.

These technological options can tell us how many are coming and when they’ll reach the border, but they cannot prevent forceful entry. Democrats need to stop making excuses that a wall is ineffective and too expensive and give President Trump the $5.7 billion he has requested. How do we put a price tag on the safety and security of U.S. citizens?

John S. Perugini, Waxhaw

The president doesn’t care about us

President Trump is widely reported to have a history of stiffing his contractors, and now he’s doing it to U.S. government employees. They’re being used as political pawns in his quest for his border wall, a monument to his vanity. The president has no empathy for the millions of government employees and their families.

Meanwhile, illegal immigration has declined to its lowest level in more than a decade. If there were truly a crisis, why did the Republicans not address it during the past two years when they held both houses of Congress? The only crises are those of the administration’s own making by inhumanely separating families at the border and withholding pay from government employees. Congress needs to override the president and end the shutdown.

Suzanne Wittebort, Charlotte

Thom Tillis is protecting us

In response to “Step up, Thom Tillis, and lead us” (Jan. 16 Forum):

Phillip Greene
Phillip Greene

Forum writer John Woods shared his opinion about Sen. Thom Tillis failing us as a leader. There is no greater responsibility for Sen. Tillis than to support measures to protect our borders and enforce our country’s laws.

Governments serve to defend borders, safeguard citizens and protect a country’s assets. The estimated 10.7 million illegal immigrants in America today, individually and collectively, have violated our borders, burdened our economy by taking our assets and posed risks to our citizens in both physically harmful and non-harmful ways.

Irresponsible thinking like that of Woods is disturbing for the future of our country, but hopefully the majority of Americans have a greater appreciation for the importance of laws, borders and protecting America.

Phillip Greene, Charlotte

Publicly investigate 9th District election

The 9th Congressional District Executive Committee of the Democratic Party passed a resolution on Jan. 5 in support of a complete investigation of election fraud allegations in the 9th District.

No one, including Mark Harris and the GOP, should want Mr. Harris seated with so many unanswered questions about the election.

As a 9th District resident, I want a full investigation and a new general election between the candidates including Democrat Dan McCready if the investigation supports fraud in the election. A public investigation will begin to restore our trust in fair elections on which our democracy depends. A thorough process will let rural voters like those in Bladen County know that their voices will no longer be silenced.

Cynthia Wallace, Charlotte

I’m sick of the political divide

I am saddened by the politics in today’s country! I am sickened by the labels conservative and liberal! There is a need for moderate politicians on both sides. People who are both liberal and conservative when needed. There’s hatred between Republicans and Democrats over issues and it’s about time that both sides compromise!

During the time of John Kennedy’s presidency, he wasn’t bound by ideology, liberalism or conservatism. JFK governed from the center and compromised with Republicans. In today’s world I look for politicians who are moderates.

Sterling Pless, Rockwell

Let your voices be heard, NC

The government shutdown in Washington is not just another political circus. It is indeed that, but much more. Federal workers in Charlotte, and across the state, who don’t get paid can’t put that money back into our local economy. The “ripple effect” from that spreads in thousands of ways into our lives, including cutting cash flows of small businesses that often live on the edge in terms of financial margins.

If everyone over 18 in N.C. wrote to their senators and members of Congress, their letters would make a louder statement than all the campaign donations from well-funded special interests and lobbyists. Don’t underestimate the power of your voice.

Bob Kline, Waxhaw