Letters to the Editor

Don’t demonize ICE for doing its job

ICE agents were just doing their job

Calvin Wright

In response to “ICE agents ‘dragged’ man out of Mecklenburg courthouse Wednesday, witnesses say” (Jan. 17):

While I sympathize with those families wanting to get into and stay in this country to escape poverty, crime and political corruption in their own countries, doing so without going through the proper legal process violates our immigration laws, plain and simple.

Our local, state and federal law enforcement personnel are simply trying to enforce our country’s laws and they should not be demonized by the media or society for doing so.

At the same time, our lawmakers in Washington share the blame. They have for decades ignored our broken immigration system, and that failure emboldens some to come here illegally.

If we don’t fix this, we will all pay the price.

Calvin Wright, Charlotte

Seeking asylum at border isn’t illlegal

Geneva Bosak

In response to “Thom Tillis is protecting us” (Jan. 17 Forum):

There is no law stating people cannot enter our country seeking asylum, no matter where they enter. People entering our country from the southern border, asking for asylum are not illegal immigrants.

Our country has not spent enough to help our courts process all the applications for asylum. That is a vulnerable point in our system. A wall does not fix that.

People may not like foreign cultures or languages, but economists agree on one fact: Immigrants financially lift our economy.They put far more into our economy than they use. That’s why Japan is trying to encourage immigrants to come to its country.

Geneva Bosak, Cornelius

Wish Pelosi cared as much about border

In response to “Pelosi asks Trump to reschedule State of Union amid shutdown” (Jan. 17):

So Nancy Pelosi wants to delay the State of the Union address out of concern for the safety and security of the members of Congress and other attendees. How sweet and considerate. It’s a shame she does not have the same level of concern for the rest of us concerning border security.

Mark Slaven, Charlotte

Democrats should not capitulate

Republicans are demanding funding for a border wall and in exchange, they tell us they will stop hurting the American people with their shutdown of the government. That is perverse.

There is a very simple way to deal with the Republicans who think taking the American people hostage is a good idea, and that is to not vote for them.

The Democrats cannot capitulate to these demands, because the Republicans will just take us all hostage again if they do.

Evan Burns, Charlotte

Schumer, Pelosi must bargain in good faith

Dennis Cirillo

While I wholeheartedly feel the pain and suffering of those having to go without a paycheck due to the shutdown, I can’t help think about the Angel Families that have permanently lost a loved one due to illegal immigration.

Build the wall to protect those inside! In today’s troubling times, border security is a must.

I blame the shutdown on both sides, however I place the majority of blame on Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer who refuse to bargain in good faith.

Their stance on the wall has changed from just a few years ago due to their problems with President Trump’s victory.

Let’s get this done and put those people back to work!

Dennis Cirillo, Waxhaw

UNC Board displays no class or dignity

In response to “Chancellor will leave UNC in 2 weeks – earlier than expected” (Jan. 16):

I couldn’t contain my disdain when I read that Chancellor Carol Folt’s decision to remove Silent Sam’s pedestal “undermines and insults the Board (of Governors)’s goal to operate with class and dignity.” If there are any attributes less applicable to this board, I don’t know what they are.

Linda J. Brooks, Charlotte

OK to stop now on costly trail project

Having grown up in Charlotte, I only began to appreciate the trail system after having kids. It is great and should be extensive.

However, as a business operator and father I understand two things about projects: Sometimes, prices change on you and you might have had a deal you cannot repeat. And sometimes, the first 80 percent of a job is straightforward and the last 20 percent expensive.

It is OK to stop while you are ahead and enjoy what you have.

What a tragedy it would be for us to be so committed to “completion” of the Cross Charlotte Trail that the project undermines other parts of our city. That would be a trail of tears.

Mayur Khandelwal, Charlotte