Letters to the Editor

Trump thinks he is protecting America?

Trump thinks he’s protecting America?

So President Trump is protecting America from the thousands of people who want to come legally for asylum. They walk thousands of miles only to have their children incarcerated because a big bully wants to show how tough he is.

Who is protecting the American public from this bully? It is surely not Mitch McConnell and the Senate. No, they are letting President Trump order hundreds of thousands of workers to work without pay.

That is reason enough for his dismissal now! Congress, do try to remember that you work for us.

Donald C. Tracy, Salisbury

I cannot believe our senators did this

In response to “Senate upholds decision to ease Russian sanctions” (Jan. 17):

Daryl Solomonson
Daryl Solomonson Picasa

I’m appalled by Sens. Richard Burr and Thom Tillis for supporting the lifting of sanctions on Russians. The Russians continue their attack on our democracy daily, and we reward the attacks. This is not a Republican or Democratic issue, it’s about our national security. It’s hard to understand these decisions.

I believe both senators owe North Carolinians an explanation for their votes on this serious matter.

Daryl Solomonson, Troutman

What are you doing, Mitch McConnell?

Mitch McConnell had repeatedly said he will not bring up for a vote any bill the president hasn’t already agreed to sign. What kind of leadership is that? By his actions, McConnell is basically saying the United States now has two branches of government as the Senate serves at the direction of the president.

The president has the power to sign or veto bills. He shouldn’t have your “loyalty.”

John Bowling, Charlotte

Politicians make seniors look bad!

President Trump is 72 years old, Mitch McConnell is 76, Nancy Pelosi is 78 and Chuck Shumer, the youngster of the group, is 68.

All our point people for this ridiculous shutdown are seniors. Have they all just suddenly forgotten the 800,000-plus American citizens they are affecting by their tit-for-tat stubbornness?

From the standpoint of leadership, this whole mess is really making us seniors look bad!

Doug Bennett, Charlotte

Medicaid expansion has been good for other states

In response to “Consider the cost of Medicaid expansion” (Jan. 19 Opinion):

Contrary to J. Peder Zane’s criticisms of the cost of Medicaid expansion, it has been an economic boon. State spending on Medicaid is lower in expansion states with no decreases in funding for education or other state programs. Zane cites problems in Louisiana but neglects to mention that expansion saved Louisiana $199 million. Hospitals benefit from decreases in uncompensated care. Funding for substance abuse treatment can decrease costs in other areas including the criminal justice system.

That’s pretty good for a health program, never mind an economic one. Medicaid expansion has improved access to care and health status. Infant mortality declined in expansion states but actually increased in non-expansion states.

N.C., take heed and close the health care coverage gap for the good of our financial as well as our physical health!

Jessica Schorr Saxe, Charlotte

Our next gen shouldn’t act out

Mature adults acting out is one thing, but our next generation of leaders acting out is another. My personal respect for all American citizens goes beyond our political affiliation. The turmoil of the last two years has had adults turning our forefathers’ values into a scandalous state. Families that teach disrespect for our country, our laws and respect of others are shameful.

The Kentucky school trip to Washington exemplifies a need for some clarity on why what Nathan Phillips, a Vietnam veteran and Omaha Indian Elder, encountered with our youth mirrors what is taught at our dinner tables in too many homes today. We as Americans are bigger than this. Adults should be teaching respect and hard work, not defiant arrogance.

Jack Bennett, Mooresville

Nathan Phillips didn’t ease tensions

I saw the entire video from the March for Life, and I disagree that Nathan Phillips tried to ease tensions at the National Mall. Mr. Phillips waded through the students beating his drum and chanting. He got into one of the student’s faces and continued his chanting and beating of the drum. That student didn’t make any attempt to advance toward Phillips. Some students even did join in the chanting and singing.

I think Phillips makes more of the students’ involvement, rather than his. A big factor was that students wore hats and shirts with MAGA. That seems to draw a unintended response.

Butch Fisher, Charlotte