Letters to the Editor

Take care of our country first and foremost

Congress needs to take care of U.S. first

In response to “To pay for wall, cut off foreign aid” (Jan. 21 Forum):

I agree with Forum writer Steve Benson. We cannot take care of the whole world. Our cities are crumbling physically, socially and morally. Our children are not being properly educated, people are living in poverty, there’s high crime and some countries want to kill us. All of this while illegal immigrants think they can walk right in, get medical care and whatever else.

Why is this? We are not taking care of our own who desperately need it. We are taking away from them and giving it to others. It’s just not right! Congress needs to start caring about the American people, not about their pocketbooks and votes. Building the wall is a good start.

Lydia Garner, Stanfield

So many other issues than the wall

With so many issues facing our country, it is unfortunate that we are stuck on the issue of a wall. What about health care and its high cost/low quality, our college education with escalating expense/crushing debt or ethnic divisions with anger and violence?

Since our president cannot solve these issues, he seems to have another strategy -- divide and conquer. Will we Americans allow him to get away with it?

Michael O’Sullivan, Charlotte

This shutdown can’t last forever right?

Jim Ragaini
Jim Ragaini

The government cannot stay closed forever. Can it?

The president must not be allowed to set a precedent and use a shutdown as a cudgel to further his agenda. The shutdown must end irrespective of unrelated immigration disagreements. There is one person who could easily accomplish this task, but to date has remained subservient to the will of the president rather than to citizens not receiving pay. Sen. Mitch McConnell could schedule a vote on legislation passed by the House and which was passed with a veto proof majority last year in the Senate.

Why hasn’t the Senate pressured McConnell to hold the vote? What happened to separation of powers? Should it be a government for Trump or government for the people?

Jim Ragaini, Charlotte

The shutdown is a hostage situation

This government shutdown is cruel and unusual punishment for 800,000 innocent employees of a government they trusted to be honorable and trustworthy. In addition, the trickle down effect extends to perhaps a million more Americans.

This is nothing less than hostage taking by a deeply flawed president who is devoid of empathy for any other American citizens. Our proud citizens are now having to resort to food banks, soup kitchens and selling personal property to get by. This is the worst display of arrogant, out-of-touch leadership I have ever witnessed.

Mark Erwin, Charlotte

Racism is in our schools everyday

In response to “Don’t jump to racial conclusions” (Jan. 23 Forum):

I get the impression from Forum writer Laura Shirazi’s comments that she’s the one jumping to conclusions about the lack of racial inequality in schools.

As someone who’s thoroughly studied this issue through books, printed papers, symposiums and group participation over the years, I know that when both whites and students of color break the same rules, students of color are the ones suspended while white students get in-school discipline and don’t miss classes. This is well-known as the “school to prison pipeline.”

A racist who’s also a teacher or principal brings that racism into the schools each and every day. This denigrates all of us.

Janet Lama, Charlotte

Student acted mature and correctly

In response to “Teen in confrontation with Native American: I didn’t provoke” (Jan. 20):

Nick Sandmann should be named the Man Of The Year. He was the only one acting right when assaulted by the hateful people the other day. As a high school junior, he showed maturity and just how disgusting the hateful leftists are. While he was being verbally assaulted and physically intimidated, he refused to engage the hateful people.

Even more important, he showed us how hypocritical the hateful leftists are. People just seemed to hate him because of his race, gender and clothes.

Alan Dockery, Newton

Really? Worry about football now?

With everything going on in this country like the president not willing to negotiate on the border wall, Congress not willing to negotiate on anything and people working and not being paid with no end in sight to all of this nonsense, we’re upset from a bad call in a football game?

The Saints are not going to the Super Bowl this year because of a bad call at the game. Unfortunately, New England will be there another year, which is sad. Our priorities are so messed up in this country, though. We need to get ourselves in check for the sake of this country.

Susan Jones, Charlotte