Letters to the Editor

Immigration: It’s time to adapt to changing demographics

Enough with the us vs. them mentality

In response to “Congress needs to take care of U.S. first” (Jan. 24 Forum):

In addressing the issues posed by immigration, including “illegal immigration,” we are not being asked to “take care of the whole world.”

The reality is that most immigrants already in the U.S. aren’t going anywhere and currently contribute to society, and that immigrants and their children will disproportionately provide the dynamism needed for the future well-being of our country.

Do we fearfully grasp on to “what’s ours” or do we confidently adapt to changing demographics and work to integrate the immigrants in our midst?

I seem to recall the phrase “Give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses...” from somewhere.

Charles Lansden, Charlotte

Democrats, do your job. Compromise.

The shutdown is the fault of the Democratic Party.

A government’s most important responsibility toward its citizens is to protect them from threats, domestic and foreign, and our southern border is clearly an issue regarding illegal immigration.

The Democratic Party refuses to deal with President Trump in good faith.

Illegal immigration is critical to national security, economic security and public safety.

Democrats, do your job and work with President Trump to secure our border. Build the wall!

Robert Cassell Jr., Charlotte

A plan that would let Dems compromise

I would hope that Nancy Pelosi and the Democrats have learned by now that they cannot solve this political fight with the president anymore than you can win a fight with a stubborn small child.

Although it’s natural not to want to give in, my suggestion is to become the adult in the room and not get dragged further into this childish behavior.

The Dems should open up the government and compromise by agreeing to and supporting the recommendations of a blue ribbon panel tasked with creating an effective border security plan in the next 90 days. If the president really wants border security, he will surely agree.

Tim Tindall, Charlotte

See State of the Union for what it is

In response to “Trump seeks site for State of Union” (Jan. 24):

It is appropriate that Trump’s State of the Union address be postponed, or even better, canceled.

For years, the address has been nothing more than a political speech with nothing to do with the actual state of the union.

Trump’s address would be political in spades.

He can send a letter to Congress, as presidents have done before. This would satisfy his constitutional duty as well as avoid a political spectacle.

Dewey P. Rochester, Charlotte

No more destructive words from Trump

There is no need to be concerned about Trump making a State of the Union speech. He has been making it for the last 30-some days! America has heard every destructive word!

Mack McRae, Charlotte

Make green space a priority in Meck

In response to “Mecklenburg parks rank last nationally. Advocates have a plan to change that.” (Jan. 17):

While I acknowledge that budgets are challenging, I’d like to remind Mecklenburg County leaders that of all the programs to be funded, parks and greenways are utilized by all members of our community, from newborns to seniors.

They’re a top amenity people look for when considering relocation to Charlotte.

As Charlotte becomes increasingly urbanized, there exists a greater need for quality green space and it becomes much harder to locate.

Ernie McLaney

Citizens have been waiting 20-plus years for parks, greenways and nature preserves. It has been a top priority on numerous surveys.

Budget now for one of the best indicators of improved quality of life.

Ernie McLaney, Charlotte

No denying that white privilege exists

In response to Kathleen Parker “The Covington controversy and the narrative fallacy” (Jan. 24 Opinion):

I agree with Kathleen Parker’s point about gathering evidence before jumping to conclusions.

However, she seems to deny the meaning of the term “white privilege.”

John Divine
John Divine

My Southern slave-holding forefathers and those of us who followed have benefited through being the majority group.

Through laws, the American government denied African Americans access to real estate that has appreciated greatly, quality education that ensures financial success, and other vital services.

Enough years have passed to be able to state that honestly, Ms. Parker. What would you like to call it?

John Divine, Charlotte