Letters to the Editor

Don’t come asking North Meck for more transit money

Don’t look to North Meck for transit fix

In response to “CATS backs away from idea of rail tunnel under uptown(Jan. 24):

Jim Puckett
Jim Puckett Charlotte

The writer is a former Mecklenburg County commissioner.

Before we get too far down the tracks regarding new CATS funding, a reminder: The citizens of north Mecklenburg have been paying a half-cent transit tax for over a decade for a train that will never come and now get to pay up to a $25 toll to build a road for the “opportunity” to pay for future rapid bus transit fares.

Speaking for me – and I suspect over 100,000 others – don’t come looking for more.

Jim Puckett, Huntersville

CATS should build that uptown tunnel

Lib Willard
Lib Willard

CATS’ choice to build a bypass for the Matthews/Independence light rail link is full of can’ts.

CATS says it can’t tunnel one mile uptown. CATS says it’s too expensive. But is land acquisition and building tracks for multiple miles really cheaper?

Most importantly, CATS can’t bring Matthews line riders into the center of the city.

CATS needs to take a risk. Tunnel to the center of the city. Bring transit customers where they want to go – to work, restaurants, events, museums. Don’t bring them to Uber or Lyft or make them walk from the outskirts of uptown.

Lib Willard, Charlotte

Can’t afford a tax hike – or cheeseburgers

In response to “Property revals already online; tax rates to come” (Jan. 25):

It’s clear that Mecklenburg Commissioner Trevor Fuller is paving the way to higher property tax rates. I appreciate that he doesn’t mind paying higher taxes, but keep in mind that many of your constituents are on a fixed income and do not gorge on cheeseburgers!

Patrick A. Walters, Charlotte

Eiselt’s pro-life comments offensive

In response to Desiree Zapata Miller “At March for Life, rush to judgment” (Jan. 25 Opinion):

What a sad day when Charlotte Mayor Pro Tem Julie Eiselt posts on her Facebook page that “March for Life is a hateful pro-life group” and “What a sad statement about what these youth have been taught in ‘Christian’ school and in their ‘Christian’ homes.”

The false labeling of pro-life Christians as a hate group is representative of the disdain, disrespect and anger that has become commonplace. Good leaders don’t insult and sneer at half their constituency.

David Hoshour, Indian Trail

I’m OK with ICE courthouse arrests

The agents from ICE are doing the job they are supposed to do and should be thanked instead of being denigrated.

Our law enforcement agents use all types of tactics to capture criminals and those who need to be brought to justice. Do you think these people will turn themselves in?

It is time liberals faced up to the problem with the influx of people who have violated our laws. To be effective, they have to be picked up wherever they are.

If they aren’t here legally, they should be deported.

Robert Alston, Charlotte

Undocumented folks I know inspire me

In response to “Congress needs to take care of the U.S. first” (Jan. 24 Forum):

Diana Travis
Diana Travis

Forum writer Lydia Garner seems to think immigration by undocumented people is a zero-sum game, that what’s given to these immigrants results in something taken away from her or her community.

Nothing could be further from the truth.

The vast majority of immigrants, undocumented or not, come to make a better life for themselves and work hard, often starting their own businesses and adding immeasurably to our community.

I personally know at least five undocumented immigrants and their families and what they have given back to our community, not only by their work but their caring for others, is inspiring.

Diana Travis, Charlotte

Better monitoring of greenways needed

While the county had good intentions when beginning greenway expansion, sufficient resources should be allocated to maintain their beauty and make residents feel safe.

Stephanie Cristiano
Stephanie Cristiano

I am a long-time user of an original portion of Little Sugar Creek greenway. The city has expanded it, attracting hundreds of new users, including dog owners who let their dogs run off-leash. I can no longer run there without getting jumped on or chased by off-leash dogs, and I have to navigate around dog messes.

I haven’t seen any police presence in the parking lots or along the greenway. If the county does not allocate such resources, the greenways will only become a dangerous, dirty and undesirable burden for the county to maintain.

Stephanie Cristiano, Charlotte